+ inload: Armour variants +

+ inload: Armour variants +

+ Last night saw some progress on the Calth front. Here are a few more WIPs: +

+ Mark II power armour; 'Crusade Armour', Praetor variant base +

+ The de facto 'standard' armour for my armour, Praetor pattern is a Mark II variant, the most distinctive part of which is the helm. Forge World have recently released a pack of the helms, but since I'm quite happy making them from plastic, I'll probably just stick with sculpting my own. +

+ Originally (for the 15th Chapter), each marine had slightly different armour – both to help keep my interest up, but also due to a lack of confidence in being able to create uniform results. My sculpting is still not fantastic, but I'm more comfortable with being able to replicate the basic shapes. As a result, the later marines (of the 190th Company) are considerably more uniform. With forty or so of them now completed, I'm going back to adding in some distinctive touches for future marines; just to break up the monotony and give me some extra incentive to paint. Here I've added an additional breathing grille to the helm, and incorporated a Legion symbol around the central point of the torso. +

+ Mark III power armour; 'Armorum Ferrum', Mon Balis variant +

+ The torso of this style of armour is based on a Grey Knight Terminator torso. It was inspired by MonkeyBallistic, of the ever-excellent Those Whom The Gods Would DestroyThe legs are from Death Guard Grave Wardens (with the loincloth removed and codpiece resculpted), and I've added Mark III bracers to the upper parts of Terminator arms. This chap needs some additional greenstuff work on his left elbow (missing, as it's from the Grey Knight Terminator set, which has recesses for the plug-in weapons) and on the torso itself. +

+ I really like the Tigrus-pattern boltgun. Were I to start the project again today, I would likely have used them throughout. However, with so many Phobos-pattern boltguns across the army, I'll simply dot the Tigrus-pattern throughout for variety. +

+ Mark III power armour; 'Armorum Ferrum' Sol Primus pattern, breacher support variant +

+ I see a lot of people asking for 'canon' examples of things, as though there's only one way of making armies. While there's a lot of appeal in creating an homage to a piece of artwork or story that has inspired you, I always like to see people colour outside the lines a little rather than falling into worrying about rivet-counting. The Heresy period in particular provides a huge amount of freedom for making your armies because the Legions are so large! In 40k, a lot of the Chapters have come to be defined by their archetypical units – all White Scars are on bikes, all Blood Angels have jump packs, etc – but 30k encourages the use a much greater variety. Importantly, it brings the classic units so iconic of Space Marines in general much more into focus, meaning that artists can invest their Tactical Marines with the same amount of care and attention as the specialists that create the later Chapter archetype. +

+ The marine above will be a Rapier crewman – a nice excuse to play with Mark III armour and make him stand out slightly. +

+ Mark II power armour; 'Crusade Armour', Praetor variant +

+ Leg up on a Rapier assault gun, this marine is as close to the original Praetors of Calth marines as I've made for a while. The backpack is Mark IV (I originally envisaged what I termed Macragge-pattern armour as a Mark IV variant). The legs are a split combination of a Space Hulk kneeling terminator and the Blood Angels Terminator Librarian from the clam pack. Quite a mix of bits! While I was building him as a Rapier gunner (hence the pose), I can't decide whether the Rapier crew should be a little more uniform and all use the heavier Mark III plate above. What do you reckon? +

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