+ inload: Land Raider WIP +

+ inload: Land Raider WIP +

+ Work stalled on the tanks (ho ho ho) after the markings on the last Rhino. They looked too cartoonish, so I've been swilling neurons around the brainpan to come up with a different approach. Last night saw a bit of a breakthrough and I sat down to tackle the vehicles again, with the idea of using a much grimier approach; and building up the armour to look a lot more like the infantry. +

+ I utilise a lot of washes for the infantry, and rely on the predictable qualities of the various consistencies to get the right gradients and effects. This wouldn't work on the larger vehicles, as I don't have sufficient control to paint it all at once (owing to drying times). As a result, I threw in lots of acrylic mediums, inks, washes and all sorts of other materials to get what I think's working out quite nicely. +

+ Sprayed black, I worked Necron Abyss over the blue areas, then painted the metal areas – exhausts, tracks, weapons etc. – with a mix of Vallejo Smoke, Vallejo Scarlet, Vallejo white (to mute the colours), and sepia ink. I added the Citadel brown texture paint to the mix and painted the tracks while they were still wet. Once dry, I added Boltgun Metal and more of the brown texture paint to the mix and went over the tracks once again. This completes the base-coating of these areas. +

+ With the metal areas mostly done, I painted the blue hull with Mordian Blue, leaving Necron Abyss in the deepest recesses. This was then drybrushed in about five or six layers with successively more Fenrisian Grey added to the mix. +

+ Once dry, I made a dilute mix of sepia, Vallejo smoke and Leviathan Purple wash and painted over all the whole tank. This was very wet and very quick – drops of the mixture were going everywhere! Once covered, I held the tank the right way up and used untextured kitchen paper to dab away the excess lightly. On the flanks of the tank, I used downwards movements to help draw the effect down. +

+ Once dry, I made a new mix of Mordian Blue and Fenrisian Grey and used the edge of the brush to carefully highlight edges that caught the light (both direct and reflected). The effect can be best seen in the picture above on the weapon cowlings and the area near the front of the hull. I added Vallejo white to the mix and refined the highlights in areas that were in direct light. +

+ Metallic areas were then picked out with boltgun metal and washed with a mix of sepia ink and Vallejo Smoke. +




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