+ inload: Converting and kitbashing +

+inload: Converting and kitbashing+

+ Kitbashing – taking standard parts from different kits and combining them to make a new miniature.

A kitbashed Death Skull ork
+This lucky ork has a rokkit launcha from the most recent recut of the Boyz sprue, as are the legs and arms. The torso is from the Warhammer Orc sprue, which has a bigger torso for the unit leader – perfect for an ork big enough to bully the mob into giving him the big boomy heavy weapon. 

+ Conversion – modifying the parts yourself, or constructing new parts.
This ork is kitbashed, but has also has some simple conversion work done.
+ This Death Skull required slightly more modelling skill than a basic kitbash, as the torso (from the savage orc kit) needed separating from the legs in order to attach it to some standard space ork legs. This let me keep the cool bone breastplate, which is very fitting for the Death Skull clan.

The newer Fantasy ranges use the muscles of the shoulder and back to hide the join between arm and torso, while the ork range has more old-fashioned flat panels. A little knifework and filling let me combine a left arm taken from the biker sprue with a savage orc arm.

+ This mini diorama, of an ork picking his mate's pocket while he's distracted by a thieving runt, required a bit more conversion work – although the overall effect is (hopefully) subtle. I haven't used many striking bits here, as I want the focus to be on the interaction between the models.

+ The runt is standard, except for a little trimming to have him turning back to grimace at the ork whose ammo box he's stealing. The middle ork has had some green stuff work on his face to increase his angry look, some trimming to get his arms in an appropriate 'mid-distracted grab' pose, and his fingers separated and wrist turned.

Oi, yer zogger – get back 'ere!

+ The pickpocket, meanwhile, required a bit of filling on his arm to get it outstretched, and uses a hand from the old night goblin sprue. I've also done some work to give him a sneaky expression, with his tongue poking out as he concentrates, but I'm afraid I don't have a very good shot of that!

+ This shows the critical part of the conversion/vignette, with the fingers just reaching the open pouch. Without this vital little bit, the pose wouldn't make any sense. You can also see how the legs are leaning towards the pouch, to get the sense of direction across. I've turned his wrist so that his pistol is not in a ready position. All these little bits are intended to add believability to the pose.

+ These orks are part of a mob I've made for a mate of mine – a lot of the bits were kindly donated by my friend Alex. Hopefully I'll be able to get some painted photos soon.

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