+ inload: Lorgob, Goff skarboy +

+inload: Lorgob, Goff skarboy+

+ 'Aven't 'ad dis much fun since... well, yesterday, when Odgrub got 'is new kustom foot bitten off by dat squig we stuck in 'is hut. Hur hur hur. 
Anyway, last one to scrag a beekee is a runt – WAAAGH!+

+ Orks are my Imperial guardsmen's perennial enemy. My brother played them when we were runts, and my gaming group has a number of notorious Warbosses amongst its number. However, aside from some Space Crusade games, I've never painted much of the greenskins. That's set to change, as our gaming group's campaign next year revolves around an Imperial invasion into the Scallop Stars, a grizzly den of ork space. Since I've got guardsmen and marines, I thought it'd be a fun excuse to build a little ork warband.

+ We've got lots of Bad Moons, a ded kunnin' Blood Axe warboss, and rumours of Snakebites in the group. I decided I'd go for a classic Goff warboss, but use the old tribe system from Waaagh! the Orks, 'Ere we Go and Freebooters as my inspiration, with a core clan and the potential for other clans from the tribe to supply some household lads

+ On that basis, I've rustled up a random army generator to see what I end up with, but the core of my army has to be some Skarboyz. After all, Goffs are bigger an' 'arder than uvver orks, so some orks that can put some muscle on marines are a must. Plus, it's a classic orks vs. marines fight. Win-win!

+ I've put him on a 30mm base to match my marines. I think the 25mm bases are a bit unstable for these models (based on ork nobs), and 40mm is too big; they start to look a bit lost.

+ He's a very simple model, built almost completely from stock, as I find these Brian Nelson-inspired models fantastic. The head may be from a Fantasy kit – a lot of the models for the army were sourced from second-hand bits boxes and the like. I have added a little greenstuff work to the arms, wrapping some fine tubes of greenstuff around the bicep/tricep area to represent rolled-up sleeves. These Goffs are inspired by '80s bovver boys and skinheads as much as Germanic tribes, though the overall feeling I'd like to emphasise is the black threat of the greenskin menace.

+ That's not to say there's no space for a bit of humour, but I'll be concentrating on the black humour of cruelty rather than wacky hi-jinks.

+This rear shot shows the core scheme of white and black. As usual with my palette, both extremes are muted – the white is a beige made from paints like Kommando Khaki and Dheneb Stone, while the black is muted with the addition of brown. 

+ I think it's important to show that ork clothing and equipment is all kustom made; so while the core colours are there, they'll be painted differently on each ork – some blacks will be grey-based, others brown, blue or green. Similarly, the base for the whites will vary from greeny-tinged Rotting Flesh to blue Space Wolves Grey to yellowy beiges.+

+ A final shot of Lorgob. I've added lots of classic chequer effects. Hopefully the Goff vibe is coming over. 

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