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A group of the displaced, moving during the autumn from ruined dwellings/workplaces. Nominally under the auspices of the Rubricist, who warrants a minor bodyguard supplied by the local watch.

The Indocksman

Passport official-like; salubrious, long greasy fingers, collar-length hair beneath an official hat, barefoot. A stamper of papers, bleary-eyed and malicious.

The Rubricist

Senior autoscribe; aquiline, 19th century middle-class arrogance/fear. The didact-gauntlet: a hand-filigree minor augment.

The [junior autoscribe]

Alert; twitchy, resourceful, hollow-eyed.

The Servitor and Servitrix

Feudal nontechnological servants. Trepanned, lobotomised, mutilated.

The [Sergeant]

Assigned to the Rubricist to ensure his safe transport. She wears 'a fine design of uniform, if not so elegant in execution'; garbed about a crow-like body structure. A leg injury ensuring back-lines work.

The Soldier

A shirking ne'er-do-well, conscripted and resentful. 

The Porters

Bent and bowed, these hab-dwellers make a coin by bearing the Rubricist's informatique. A babbler; a hare-lip. Slave collars and slave colours.

The Toymaker

A hanger-on, a withered and sad old man.



  • Down and Out in Paris and London; the Russian Waiter's attitude in the junior autoscribe
  • War of the Worlds greys
  • Fading Autumn glamour
  • The burnt-out Princeps from Titanicus by Abnett
  • Gormenghast


  • Gunmetal
  • Burnt orange
  • Burnt umber
  • Ashes and smoke

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