+ inload: Adept +

+inload: Adept+

+The GW Inquisitorial henchmen miniatures are some of my favourites – they're filled with bags of character, and some of them showed an interesting non-combatant side of the 41st Millennium.

The vexatious scribe
+This miniature is so charming that I didn't want to cover up too much of the great sculpt, so modifications here are limited to the addition of a small rebreather/vocaliser and a hood using greenstuff. 

I particularly love the fine fingers on the mechanical-looking dataslate. This particular detail fits nicely with my view of the Dark Millennium, as it's mechanical rather than electronic. Dataslates etc. are great, but the lower technology level – with the concomitant ease of use/repair – seems to fit the Dark Age imagery more snugly.

Depending upon how the mood strikes me, he might end up as a member of the Adeptus Mechanicus, or possibly as a background figure for my Praetors of Calth project. 

Alternatively, he might be used as a test piece for the Rubricist project I've outline in my earlier post. 

The image below shows the greenstuff work on his shoulders a little better – a hood's no use if it's got nothing to which to attach! I've tried to go for a thick, practical material – perhaps a heavy treated canvas – so that it hangs convincingly around his face.

+The mask covers only his mouth, which will allow me to get in to paint the upper part of his face. I particularly like painting faces as they offer such a great opportunity for wetwork and painting subtlety. Rather shooting myself in the foot for covering half of it up! 

I think the covered features (mouth/eyes/ears) is strong symbol of the universe. This chap is there to record events, not comment upon them. This shot also shows part of the augmetic ear. This was a last-minute addition, trimmed off a plastic model (I forget which, I'm afraid). With the hood in place, he looked a little too everyday – the aural enhancer throws the silhouette off a little and adds a small element of grotesquery.


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Will Wright said...

Hit me up on TFE if you need a brass etch "I" for him,I might be able to spare a few