+ inload: Orcs and the 'Footsore' 242nd +

+ Painting progress +

+ Out of nowhere, a band of orcs. I picked up a pack of the orc cards for Shadespire in a trade, and decided to dig through my box of bits to build my own version of Gurzag Ironskull's warband. Should work out quite handily, as the PCRC have picked up quite heavily on orcs! A few alternate sculpts should help to avoid duplication. +

From left to right: Not-Hakka; Not-Ironskull, Not-Bonekutta, Not-Basha
+ The orcs in the official warband are essentially what I know as Black Orcs; and I had a pile of those I bought for my much-delayed ork army (destined to be Skarboyz). However, I'd built and painted one or two as stock, just for the pleasure of painting them (they're great models), so these two provided the basis for Bonekutta and Basha, who are simply orcs with a double-handed axe and a pair of mauls respectively. The model on the right (Basha) needs a second maul to replace his cutlass, but is otherwise complete. The model second from right (Bonekutta) just needed a round base. +

+ The remaining two I built from scratch specifically. Hakka is a Black Orc with two axes, and a head swap from the new Age of Sigmar orc Brutes. Ironskull was the donor for that head, his own coming from the boarboyz set, which is oddly slightly larger than the standard brute one. Not wanting to have the leader as a stock model, I've swapped his rather crude-looking weapons for slightly less crude Black Orc ones, and left his armour off. THis necessitated a bit of sculpting work on the chest and back. +

+ Elsewhere on the painting table are these Iron Warriors, who have their basecoats complete, taking them to midway through part I of this tutorial [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+]. The next stage is developing the metal work and basically brightening them up a little. +

+ The five on the left are standard Tactical legionaries, the one on the right a Destroyer. +

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