+ inload: February's goals +

+ February's goals +

+ Not yet halfway through January, but I want to keep these goals realistic – enthusiasm ebbs and flows; but nothing stifles creativity like a deadline. Anyway, I've cracked the Iron Circle and Blood Bowl teams that were my main January painting goals; and have dug out some sprues for the Alien Wars building. With two weeks before the end of January, I'll be able  to work on them at my leisure, and have fun recreating the iconic Blood Angels army from White Dwarf+

+ What next, however? Well, I managed to pick up the orc cards for Shadespire for a song. I've got a handful of Black Orcs painted up that fit the henchmen of the orc gang well; and I have a fun plan to convert the leader. That's element I of the goal. +

+ Secondly, I'd like to clear up my painting backlog. The five Iron Warriors below will go a long way to 'tidying up' my gaming – at the moment, I've got awkwardly-sized squads, and no way of fielding Rapiers. These five will fill some gaps and let me play more easily. +

+ Thirdly? I think I'll keep that open. +

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