+ inload: Heralds of Taurson +

+ Battle Automata +

+ Excuse the rather glarey pictures, please; it being the cold depths of Winter means that I rarely get time to shoot during daylight hours. Anyway, the Iron Circle are ready for battle; and none too soon, as Lucifer216's Knight Household – watch out for them in a future inload – are spoiling for a rematch following our last battle; the Confrontation at Coripaest [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+] +

+ Iron Circle +

+ The paint scheme's been described to death in previous inloads [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+], so I won't go over it much except to point out the little dangling skulls have red markings that match each Automaton's Muster markings (the yellow shape on the black pauldron). +

+ Having spent ages getting the 'IV' looking absolutely straight, I then immediately [SCRAPSHUNTERRORABORT]ed it up with some awkward muck/weathering. This pictcapture also shows the red eyes; an update on the previous iteration. I'm still in two minds about this, as I quite liked the black, hollow-eyed look, but it's definitely more eye-catching this way. My main concern is that I've ended up with purple, yellow and red accents. I'm half-tempted to repaint the eyes purple... but that's for another day, as I've got more to paint before then! +

+ Domitar +

+ In addition to the Iron Circle, I also took the opportunity to paint up a Domitar:

+ As is typical of such painting, being a relative afterthought meant that the scheme just seems to work better; no fussy accents, no over-thought additions... just a solid frame. In this instance, I think the red eyes work much better; as they haven't got anything to compete with (in contrast with the scattered details on the Iron Circle). +

+ When painting big models like his, it's easy for them to become focal points. As ever, I want my infantry to be the main attraction for the army, not the support; so I've tried to keep the models drab and serviceable – just right for Perturabo's Legion. +

+ MMXVIII Painting + 

+ With the Iron Circle sorted and the Blood Bowl team well on the way, that's my short-term 2018 painting off to a good start; and to keep it rolling on, I've decided to take up the ever-excellent Rob Hawkins' Wargame Hobby Bingo card challenge [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+] to keep things ticking over. Cheers for the idea, Rob – great concept! +

+ Given that the Iron Circle were almost complete, I don't think it's fair to use them for the card, but I think the Domitar will counts nicely for my 'Finish painting a model that's been in your to-do pile [...]' square. +

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