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+ Preparing for War +

+ Based in Slav Nasr [+noospheric inloadlink embedded+],the Legio Nikator is on the march. I am almost absurdly excited about the upcoming new version of Adeptus Titanicus, and while I'm not sure if anyone in the PCRC shares my enthusiasm for these great land-battleships, I hope I can twist someone's arm into a game or two! +

+ To help my case, I'm determined to have one force ready-painted for all-comers on release – that way, I can paint up any new models that come in the set as an opposing force. I'm hoping that treating it like a board game – that is, ready to play out of the box – will make it easier to get a game in. +

 + As you can see, painting hasn't come on that far, but I've got the basework for the metal on all four so far. +

+ I'm still on the fence about the colour scheme. I like yellow, and think that some weathering will make me like it more, but wonder whether I ought to introduce a secondary or accent colour – I'd appreciate your thoughts. +

+ On a similar note, any thoughts on basing? After discussion with the PCRC, I'm leaning towards urban rubble. It's a classic look for Adeptus Titanicus, and colours sing out of grey-browns very well. +

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  1. Urban rubble for sure. And of course this can be a way to tie a force to a specific world too, with smashed signs/fanes/building materials etc.

    Hopefully your figures are in scale enough with the new ones!


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