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+ A bit of a hotch-potch of bits and bobs today, as my focus veers wildly from one thing to another. While it can be frustrating for focus to waver from a project, I try to remember that it's a hobby – there's no reason not to jump around a bit. +

+ Instagram +

+ Yes, jumping bravely into 2013, I've started an Instagram account as @death_of_a_rubricist. Please come and have a squizzy at edited highlights here [+noospheric inloadlink embedded+] +

+ So far, so smooth. It's been quite fun digging through my older pictures; and I think that's part of what's got me frothing about various older projects. +

+ The Praetors of Calth +

+ Speaking of old projects, I took a couple of new pictures of some of my own favourite models – Sergeant Santiagon (above) is still what I consider the best face I've ever done. Even though I'd probably tackle some of the freehand and weathering differently, he still stands up to my more adventurous stuff nowadays. +

+ Eumon of the Fell holds a special place in my autocardio, simply because he was the first Ultramarine I painted. He was, essentially, the start of me really focussing on conversion and painting for the sake of it, rather than for any gaming reason. I'm still very proud of him. +

+ The Iron Sleet Invitational +

+ The Nor Na Phom [+noospheric inloadlink embedded+] are progressing fairly well, with two well underway and the parts for (almost) all of the others.


+ Y-wing +

+ A definite departure, this little craft is from Fantasy Flight Games' X-wing game. I don't have the game itself, but the PCRC have been playing the fantastically fun co-op version called Heroes of the Aturi Cluster. It's a great homebrew conversion that it ideal for gaming groups like ours. +

+ With Adrag Greb, my Mon Calamari pilot, chalking up a few kills, I thought it best to buy my own Y-wing for him to use. It was a fun little break from grim darkness to modify the scheme to fit in with our 'Spectre Squadron'. +

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