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+ A quick inload to say that the Antona Australis page of this blog has gone up – you can see it in the bar above, so click and have a look. +

+ Sector Antona Australis is a resource the PCRC – our gaming group – has built and uses to inform and inspire our games. The name is faux-Latin for Southampton, where most of us met. +

+ Of course, one of the great things about the hobby is sharing, so I'd like to invite you to explore the sector and see if anything sparks an idea for you games, or perhaps inspires a model or a warband. If it does, please let us know – or better still, send us a picture or two. +

+ The sector is fairly capacious, so if you're ever stuck for an idea in your 40k or skirmish games like Inq28 or Inquisimunda, try exploring and see where it leads. There are literally hundreds of settings and story threads for you to pull on and follow. +

+ I'll leave you to dive through the [+noospheric inloadlink+] and wish you luck. Remember, it's a big sector, and whatever happens, you will not be missed...! +

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