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+ Mark -1.57 sidereal +

Sergeant Santiagon

The column's footfalls crunched as they marched through the snow. Lieutenant Holion's breath misted in the air. 

'Forces at our disposal, sergeant?'  

'I've taken the liberty of preparing a dataslate, sir.' Sergeant Santiagon frowned as he handed it over. 'It's far from complete, but all told we've got the best part of a demi-company here, plus auxiliaries.' The column continued marching over the deep snow, warily scanning the ridgeline to the east and bare trees to the west. 'Not all in fighting order, I'm sorry to report.'

Holion nodded, absorbed in the slate. 
'Until we get a solid practical on what's happening here, we've got to make to the Muster. This doesn't feel like orks...'


+ It's easy (and quick) to compose a snap of an individual model, but I find getting shots of a whole army is always a pain – so I'll be working up to it. I thought I'd collect together a list of what's what in the army. Not exactly an army list as, owing to the changes to the rules and restrictions, there are a number of odd models that don't quite fit. +

+ This project is going to (hopefully) resolve this, and step one is to work out what's what:

Warriors of the line

  • The Apaesians (Sergeant Epipatros) – Rhino carrier Spear of Iax [Seeker squad]
  • The Ciconians (Sergeant Mox) – Rhino carrier Quadriga [Seeker squad]
  • The Locrians (Sergeant Santiagon) – Rhino carrier Odius [Seeker squad]
  • The Carnassans (Sergeant Ordustin) [Tactial support squad?]
  • The Corinthians (Sergeant [REDACTED]) [Heavy Support squad]
  • 190th Squad Secundus (Sergeant [REDACTED]) – Tactical squad
  • 190th Squad Quintus (Sergeant [REDACTED]) – Tactical squad
  • 190th Squad Duodecimus (Sergeant [REDACTED]) – Assault squad
  • 190th Squad Viginti (Sergeant [REDACTED]) – Breacher squad – Land Raider Proteus carrier Legacy of Armatura
  • Shield of Sinon, Predator
Command and Specialists
  • Captain Orpheus Orkbane
  • Lieutenant Holion
  • Ancient [REDACTED], Chapter Standard Bearer (15th)
  • Lieutenant Pullo, Master of Signal
  • Brother Yppocampon, Apothecary
  • Brother [Redacted], Apothecary
  • Brother Arius, Techmarine
  • Brother-dreadnought Avulus
  • Brother-dreadnought Strix
  • Brother-dreadnought Cestus*
  • Brother-dreadnought Telcion*
  • Brother-dreadnought Icelus – Deredeo pattern
  • Brother-dreadnought {REDACTED] – Leviathan pattern

* Previously a marine of the 15th; killed in background.

+ Expect a few edits to this over the course of the project, as I dig out models or change my mind and pull bits apart! +


+ Let's face it, all this is useful for me, but a bit boring, so I thought I'd do a gallery of a few old faces:

Brother Eumon, Locrian

Brother 'Young' Holion, Locrian 

Cassie, Mother to worlds
Brother Atlion, Corinthian
Brother [REDACTED], Squad Secundus
Squad leader [REDACTED], Squad Secundus
Brother [REDACTED], Squad Quintus

+ You'll spot a number of [REDACTED] notes here. Normally, that's the in-universe way I list things if I haven't decided on a name, but here it's that I'm fairly sure I've named him/it, but have no idea what the name is... I would check Warseer, but sadly it's still down. If you can help fill in a blank, please let me know! +

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