+ inload: Exo-armour +

+ Brother Deredeo Thorne WIP +

+ Exo-armour! This figure was largely converted by the lost and lamented EdT, a talented poster (and jolly nice chap) whose dataghosts remain haunting the Ammobunker and Bolter & Chainsword [+noospheric inloadlink embedded+] [+noospheric inloadlink embedded+]. He's taken a break from the hobby – and I sincerely hope he returns one day – but kindly sent me a near-finished conversion of a Mark 1 Exo-armour Terminator that he'd been working upon – along with a load of other cool bits that I'm very grateful for and am still working through! +

+ It's a cool and very characterful figure, so I've been looking forward to working on him. Sadly, he ended up slightly damaged in transit, so I've had to make a few repairs. Fortunately, Tactical Dreadnought Armour is sturdy stuff, so it wasn't anything too severe. I took the opportunity to give him a bit of extra width across the shoulders and trim down the pauldron rims – minor tweaks which I hope EdT would approve of, and that will help the figure sit in my Ultramarines army.+

+ Painting-wise, the model is a shoe-in for the Ultramarines – not only does he have some Ultramarines iconography modelled on, but being 'embiggened', he'll fit nicely alongside my other Terminators. + 

+ The figure's mainly based on a Finecast Obliterator from GW, along with Gorgon Terminator arms, a Phoenix Terminator torso and various other bits from FW. I think I spot some necron bits (the spine), some kroot parts The head is from a Heresy Sharclone [+noospheric inloadlink embedded+] +

+ Some of you may recognise the source of inspiration. He's based on an art piece of an Ultramarines Terminator – a classic from Space Hulk [+noospheric inloadlink embedded+]. As a result I'm slowly painting him up to follow that. I'm looking forward to getting his High Gothic slogan 'I'll be back' written on him. +

+ The armour pattern has an interesting in-universe history that I'd like to look at in a future inload; but I'll save it for when I get the painting complete. +

+ All in all, a very fun figure that I'm aiming to get polished off over the next few days. Along with finishing painting my army's Centurion, I'm had a resurge of Ultramarines enthusiasm, so will likely be posting some more in the immediate future. +

+ Thanks once more to EdT; if you read this, I hope I'm doing justice to a great conversion. +

+ Finally + 

+ My grateful thanks to all who offered their technomantic help and suggestions regarding pict-capture storage. I have worked out a way to temporarily add to my (now-defunct) Picasa albums – a case of life imitating art, as I find myself scrabbling over the ruins of a lost technological civilisation ;) + 

+ I'm going to try out 500px, which seems to suit quite well at the moment. +

+ May the Omnissiah bless your bones and augment your emitters. +


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