+ inload: Worldbuilding – The exciting bit +

+ Purefinderre Chaunterwyck +

+ With the base sanded down, it's time to prime it and get into the... oh, no – apparently it's time to put buildings on and start pushing toy cars around my little town. +

+ Yeah, after all the work I'd put in, I felt I deserved a chance to put some panels and buildings on and get a preview of the town. As well as sanding down the roads (I used a coarse/fine sanding block bought from B&Q), I've secured some washers to the pavement surface with superglue and blended them in to the surface with a little additional sand. These will be contact points for scatter terrain like phone boxes, streetlamps, trees, benches and the like. I also added a couple of other patches of sand so that the dirt and rubbish didn't pile up unnaturally around these features. +

+ I also used the same sand and some spare tiles to texture the baseboards of the scatter boxes, which you can see on the far left of the pict-capture above. These will have greenery and scrub on top; both to act as terrain and – more importantly – to add some much-needed colour to the board. Urban spaces tend to have a lot more life in them than some typical urban boards, and that goes doubly for feudal worlds like this. I'm aiming for fairly scrubby looking greenery – a sort of urban planting that's gone to seed over long years of neglect. +

+ The buildings are from Micro Art Studios District-5  [+noospheric inload embedded+] and Wolsung [+noospheric inload embedded+] ranges. While very different in detail, they share much in common in terms of wall thickness, square corners and similar design features; so I think with the right paint scheme they'll fit together naturally – just like modern and older buildings fit in together in the modern world. +

+ The panels you see creating a little platform are a vague idea that came to me as I moved the paintpots (little tester emsulsions) I'll be using for the board. I may work the empty paintpots into columns once I've finished with them. That'll let me support a second level on the board at the same height as the Wolsung walkways. +


Suber said...

This is looking great so far! More, we demand more! :D

apologist said...

More as it comes! :)

Lasgunpacker said...

Looking very good thus far. Since you are going to leave the buildings loose, will you have other ones you can swap in? Denser residential flats? Ruins?