+ inload: Bubbling under; and post CCIII +

+ It's not all terrain building round here, though it has occupied almost all of my hobby time recently. I've got a couple of little projects bubbling away, based on nothing more than – in the first case – really liking the models; and in the second, getting a rather fantastic bargain. +

+ Genestealers +

+ First up are these fellas; the first main release of metal genestealers (I think there were a couple of earlier prototypes, but these were the ones used for promotion of the first edition of Space Hulk. Perhaps an Oldhammerer could clear that up? I seem to remember there were metal arms for these at some point; but these ones have the plastic set. +

+ You'll also spot a Dark Emissary, a figure from a Warhammer campaign based around Albion. He's likely going to be the basis for a withered Genestealer Magos. +

+ I really like these models. The blue plastics are the ones I remember playing with – first from Space Crusade, and then the slightly different Space Hulk ones – but the metals have a charm of their own. They are more rounded and hunched than the plastics, and their features are more similar to humans than the plastic versions. This lends them a certain sinister feel. I'm sort of tempted to use them as first-generation hybrids by playing with the arms... nearly complete genestealers, but with a definite human heritage. +

+ I suspect the sculptor is Bob Olley; but am happy to be corrected. +

+ Solar Auxilia +

+ Secondly is a Solar Auxilia force, who will likely be appended to my Ultramarines or Iron Warriors (or if painted neutrally, both). This was a bit of a bargain. The picture and description was a little unclear, but I took a punt on what I thought was two squads of volkite-armed auxilia. Imagine my surprise when I opened the box to find the following:

+ Okay; so the two full squads I was expecting... which seem to be in good order – nicely assembled and cleanly primed *phew* – but there was more in the box. In addition to a big pile of 32mm bases:

+ What looks like a complete third squad – I'll double check, but any arms etc. missing will be perfect for conversion-fu. On top of the there's a command section, missing only the commander himself:

+ Quite the haul! +

+ inload CC +

+ In all the excitement I missed Death of a Rubricist's two hundredth-pot [+ auditory-phial exload: fanfare +]. Without making too much of a fuss, I'd like to thank you all for reading along and your comments. Here's to another 200 inloads! +


Rory (Stepping Between Games) said...

I am looking forward to reading the next 200.

Well done on the bargain hunt which turned out even better.

WandererWandering said...

A nice little haul!!

And well done on the 200! Here's to the next 200! cheers!

Chris Buxey said...

Phoar, nice Genestealers! ;) As a fan of all things metal-y, gene-y and stealer-y I also have some of those (both the plastic arm versions and the metal armed versions) just waiting for a special occasion (Codex: Genestealer Cults 7th edition maybe? ;) ) to paint them. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with yours! :)

This makes me wonder actually...is there any way to bodge the Space Hulk rules to work on your lovely new board...? Because, now that I think about it, it sure does look and sound a lot like the settlement described in the story 'Deathwing'! :o