+ conceptinload: Plans afoot +

+ Worldbuilding +

+ Buildings – structures – rubble. These are what turns a wasteground into a settlement. A few people have asked what sort of buildings I'd like for my new board, Purefinder Chanterwick. Here's the plan:

+ Gloomy streets +

+ Victoriana is not as well represented in gaming terrain as some other themes, but there is stuff out there. I recently stumbled upon this current kickstarter campaign [+noospheric inload embedded+], which has some fantastic buildings. I've pledged for the tenement set, which can be seen here (amongst some other bits):

+ As you can see, it looks like it should fit nicely with the other stuff I already have, so I'm looking forward to receiving it. +

Renaissance Miniatures, who are running the kickstarter, have a number of successful campaigns under their belt, and look like a lovely little company – so I hope this turns out to be another successful campaign for them. +

+ Existing material +

+ Bought a while back, this selection of Micro Arts terrain, from their Wolsung kickstarter, will form the core of the board's structures:

+ I've already attached the large buildings to baseboards, which you can see here on the WIP board: +

+ I also have another structure from Microarts; one from their range intended for Corvus Belli's Infinity. It's mounted on a larger square, and will probably make for a slightly more interesting game. I want to include a variety of architectural styles to give a sense of history and overbuilding. +

+ What else? +

+ I'll be producing a step-by-step on Word Bearers, akin to the Iro nWarrior one I did a while back. +

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