+ inload: Revelators +

+ inload: Revelators +

+ Salvation is at hand. The Emperor has heard your cries of woe and pain. He is sorrowed by your oppression, and bound to change it. +

+ He has despatched His own angels to grant you your long-deserved freedom. Obedient to His will, they turn the worlds over. The strong will be made weak and the weak made strong in turn. +

+ Rejoice! Bear witness to the breaking of the brazen seal. Behold Celestial Carneon, the shackled Bullock of Heaven. He has come to free you from the oppression of odium and peace. +

+ Rejoice! Bear witness to the breaking of the flesh seal. Behold the first face of Czenatzerub, Ur-zhul the Cronemother. She has come to free you from despair. Submit your minds to be opened, and your bowels to bear the mark. +

+ Rejoice! The cornet sounds and never ceases, and the ivory seal is broken. Behold the second face of Czenatzerub, Sleesh the Eunuchained. He has come to free you from drudgery, and lead you in dance and song 'til your body gives out. +

+ Rejoice! Bear witness to the forging of the unsealed seal. Behold the hidden face of Czentzerub, Black-and-White Emaralel. He comes in hidden paths to sate the starving with wormwood. +

+ Rejoice! The cryptic seal breaks as it is struck three times three and the Crowsnake comes! Bear witness to the great god Czenatzerub, in his aspect as the three-headed God-Emperor. He comes borne on the back of Carneon to free you from the weakness of the flesh, the servitude of life, and the banality of sanity. +


Ninjasuperspy said...

Absolutely unbelievable. The one with the fire is just off the charts.

apologist said...

Cheers! I was really pleased with both of 'em. I'll do a bits breakdown in a future inload; possibly when they get painted.