+ inload: More completed marines +

+ inload: More completed marines +

More Ultramarines trailed into the temporary base, some advancing cautiously, others limping. Some were being assisted, or even carried. Everyone was on edge. The appearance of the Lieutenant, along with three experienced veterans of the 15th and a new recruit of the 190th, however, proved a heartening sight for the rattled loyalists. A ragged cheer rose across the line as he clashed forearms with the sergeant who had assumed temporary command.

+ I'll show some more details and background for the new marines when I get some spare time over the next few days, but thought I'd post up a group pic of some more marines I've completed. This point marks the first time I can field two complete twenty-man squads in the new style, complete with vexillas, vox-network and sergeants; and I even tied off a simple Lieutenant (Centurion) to lead the group. +

+ So, the basic 1 HQ and 2 compulsory troops complete! *fireworks* +

+ Excuse the mixture of basing styles. I'm aiming to convert them all over to the bicarbonate of soda snow style eventually, but I always think basing works best when done in one fell swoop. +

+ Basic troops. Note the precedence of the Praetor-pattern helm. I missed these, so there are quite a few in the more recent batch. +

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