+ inload: Know No Fear! +

+ A showcase of the army as it currently stands +

+ I set my Ultramarines up for a few shots last night. I was slightly startled to see how many there are now, and there's a few missing from these shots. These show all the 'completed' ones – though I'm planning to rebase them all with bicarbonate of soda snow (as shown on a few). I'll doubtless feel the need to repaint the iconography at some point, too. +

+ With the bulk of the basic infantry completed, now it's time to turn my attention to other things, like Dreadnoughts, support weaponry and tanks. +

+ Anyway, on with the show! +


Shaman said...

Fantastic. They look so good together, and the snow bases really make them pop.

What's your snow method?

Haven't seen your new stuff in a while, since i started forgetting to go on TFE (Adenn on there.), so it's really cool to pick it up and see so much new fanciness.

Awesome stuff. easily my favourite heresy army around, mostly for the sheer effort you put into it!

Suber said...

Extra cool. Or I may say Ultra cool :P

apologist said...

Hey Shaman Adenn, good to hear from you! The snow method is detailed in an earlier inload (there's a clicky noospheric link in the post above, in fact), but basically it's a mix of bicarbonate of soda, PVA and water applied over a brown textured base.

apologist said...

You may – and it's very kind. Thank you :)

Unknown said...

Hey I wanted to tell you that I have been a huge fan of your ultramarines for a while now and they have inspired me to start my own true scale endeavor! I check your blog just about everyday and it provides endless inspiration for my own models. Here's a like to my project log if you want to check out what you have inspired!