+ inload: A return to the 190th +

+ inload: A return to the 190th +

+ Breachers! +

  + I'm really pleased to see that the Ultramarines can take power sword upgrades for their breachers. Annoyingly, either Picasa (the photo site I use) or my camera seem to be applying some automatic adjustment to the images, so the blues appear far more vibrant than they should. I'll see if I can sort this out with a proper white balance in the future. If anyone has any tips to prevent it (I'm using an iPhone6+, if that's likely to be causing it, though it seems to work well with other colours). +

+ Other WIPs + 

+ The second squad of marines are well on their way now. These remaining few just need highlighting and details now. +

+ Of course, it's not all about boltguns. Rapiers seem to strike a chord with me – I think it's because they have crew you can see (I'm going to build them out of Grave Wardens, I think, for their reinforced armour). The Heavy Support marine here is the fifth in the heavy boltgun squad; then it's onto Volkites and tanks. +

+ Once I've got forty of the newer Tactical marines painted up, I'll start looking at permanent organisation and squad markings. Very excited to get Tempest, though the £72 price tag means I'm having to sell some other bits for hobby funds. +

+ Anyone want to buy (or commission) a marine (any Legion/Chapter) to help fund my book? ;) +


  1. I know for a while, you were selling your true scale shoulder pads and torsos online- do you have a link to them? I can't find them anymore, and I am looking to convert a few heresy era space wovles.

    1. Hey BBC, I'm afraid the torsos have never been sold (I make most of them myself from Greenstuff, and the others are all homecasts by mates of mine). I commissioned the shoulder pads from CustomMinis on Shapeways (http://www.shapeways.com/shops/customminis) – he'd probably be able to help. Hope that's useful, and good luck with your Space Wolves!

    2. Thank you my main man. I am going to see if I cant find a good way to put out a set of 5 Wolf guard without spending more than $50 american


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