+ inload: Warmaster Titan basing and varnish woes +

+ Basing the Warmaster +

+ Well, no surprises about what today's inload's about. With an unanticipated spare couple of hours, I managed to quickly get the base metallics down. I used a dark gunmetal made from a combination (not a complete mix, but a pool of separate slightly intermingled colours) of Valljeo dark stone (a sort of browny grey), Citadel Abaddon black and a little scorched brown. +

+ I used a much of the same palette for the base: dark stone for the road, and scorched brown for the dunes/rocks. Both were then successively highlighted with greys and browns/sandy colours respectively, before a final drybrush of Army Painter's mummy robes. +

+ Why use the same colours in the base and the Titan? Well, this little trick helps to integrate the different elements, so the base and Titan read as a single thing. +


+ Critical damage +

+ Alas, after this successful painting session, things went a bit [+SCRAPSHUNTERRORABORT+]. I sprayed the Titan with enamel varnish. This had a muting effect on the metallics, as you can see above – there's no 'sparkle'. This I had anticipated – it won't be a problem, as I'm intending to work over the top with more metallics. +

+ The problem was when I came to use oils on the yellow – while it applied nicely, and could be removed with a bit of thinner, after about fifteen minutes – just long enough for me to be satisfied that the test panel was working – the varnish began to crackle and flake off, taking the oils with it. Fortunately, the underlying yellow seems intact. +

+ I'm not entirely sure what happened, but I abandoned things overnight to allow everything to settle, and allow me to assess in the cold light of day. This was an experimental process, so I'm not too disheartened – better to stop and re-assess before going to far. Potential issues:
  • Use of automotive spray on the yellow – perhaps this was not allowing the varnish to penetrate/settle properly.
  • Not enough time for the varnish to dry. I left it for just four hours; perhaps overnight would have been more sensible.
  • Use of enamel varnish, rather than the acrylic varnish I've previously used.
  • Use of Sansodor thinner, rather than white spirit.
+ Whatever the cause, some further thinking means that I'll see whether the remaining oils can be removed with thinner without affecting the yellow. If so, then that implied to me that I won't necessarily need to use a varnish – in short, the thinners aren't strong enough to penetrate the yellow paint. +

+ From there, I'll begin to reapply the oils to the yellow on a test area, and start again. +


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