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+ Kroot and Eldar +

+ Top priority, he says; first things I'll paint, he says. Finished before Christmas, he says. Needless to say, it's a sore point amongst the Kroot of the Bloody Moon that it's taken me 'til the back end of January to get on with painting them. Still, they have arrived on the painting desk... and we're off! +

+ Early days here, but I'm starting by blocking in the skin. These have all received a couple of coats of various orangey-browny-yellow mixes, followed by washes of sepias or muted reds. These will be cleaned up a bit during highlighting, and I'll add the spots, then give them a second wash to tie things together and enrich the recesses. +

+ Pictured are a warrior with scattergun (a short-ranged shotgun-like weapon) a Shaper Kill-broker, and a Tracker. Given I have all the warriors I need for a Kill Team, I should probably have focussed on the specialists in order to have a team ready for the next geekend gaming event with the PCRC, but if I don't tackle the less-appealing models, then I risk never getting round to them – or worse, leaving them all 'til last and having a slog. +

+ There's nothing much worth noting except that I'll be painting the Pech'ra (the krooty bird perched on her gun) with a different skintone to the kindred. Using the same fleshtone within a unit or army gives a slightly sinister feeling, as though everyone's a clone – that's why I try to paint bare flesh on my models uniquely: even if it's just a tiny tinge of a different paint, or a different final glaze, it gives a subtle natural feeling. This is particularly important for the Kroot, where the Kindred are related, while the other krootforms are not necessarily. +


+ Alaitoc +

+ ...and in keeping with the 'small steps, but steady pace' approach my hobby seems to have been taking this year, I added the banner poles for my Eldar Guardian squads. +

+ Apropos of nothing, I read in an old White Dwarf I was browsing that Guardian squad leaders tend to be ex-Aspect Warriors – i.e. those that have previous wartime experience, but are no longer on the Path of the Warrior. Just an interesting little adjunct. I might try to tie that in somehow – perhaps with an aspect rune somewhere or other on the leaders or their banners. +

+ The banner poles are created in exactly the same way as the originals in WD138: a small hole was drilled with a pin vice, and a dress pin glued in. Neat, simple idea for sturdy results, and it even has a built in banner top! +

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