+ inload: Speak not its name, for it is Xenos +

+ Speak not, think not, know not of  Xenos. Its very nature is a lie + 

+ Long buried beneath new exciting projects for the best part of a hundred millenia two years, the Necrons were understandably miffed about being left out of plans for 2023 [+Ref: prev inload+], and while they're unlikely to be taking centre stage for me, I thought it only fair to exhume them for a bit. You know how these enthusiasms take hold. +

+ Designation Samaritan [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+], pictured above gathering his forces, remains the sole fully-painted model in the force – though they have progressed a teensy-tiny bit since this one, in that they're now accompanied by considerably more friends (for whatever value of friends eternally-trapped and technologically-mangled souls can have). +

 Bob Hunk offered me the Necron side from Indomitus, so the army virtually doubled in size. Designation Samaritan is the herald of his master, himself a thrall of the enigmatic Ur-dimmu; and since I already had one stock model of a Lord, I thought it'd be nice to use the duplicate sculpt to convert up a more unique Lord. +

+ Forget about me, would they? Well, they'll pay – Just you wait... +

The new (well, relatively) Necron range is quite extensive now, so things have opened up to make converting a lot easier. The range's design consolidation means that parts from the larger Lords and Nobles can be more easily interchanged. Whether this chap will prove to be the Overlord (I suspect not...) is up to fate, but you never know. In either case, it'll be nice to have some fun converting new models. +

+ Standing beside the partially-resurrected Lord is a Cryptek. He's a special character whose name I definitely remember, *mumblemumble* the Crooked. I trimmed off the odd forearm cloak/decoration, as I felt is rather hid some nice internal details. The Crypteks in general have very much grown on me. I wasn't all that fond of them, but there's a surprising amount of character in these peculiar advisor/priest/scientists sculpts. +

+ A Destroyer Lord, converted to have a Dawn of War-style helm/headpiece/face stands beside some underlings. +

+ Said underlings have received a lick of paint. The new Necron warriors have a lot of character for such zombie-like sculpts. Regular inloaders will know I like masses of infantry, so some variation in their detailing will probably go a long way to keeping me involved. +

+ The scheme is a simple one that emphasises contrast and texture. I want my troops to look properly ancient! +

+ ...and to close out this inload, here's a picture of a Gatebreaker besides a big mech-skeleton and a little mech-skeleton. Best wishes for a great Christmas, all! +

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