+ inload: Letters from Lamb's World +

 + Letters from Lamb’s World +

‘Six of us, all sharing a bunk room, we were. Privileged, I felt, for we were expecting something more like a dozen, perhaps a score. So to have just five others to share the space was, well; a prize I felt it was.’

’Afterwards, of course, I realised that doubly blessed I’d been; for it meant all of us we were less likely to lose a bunk mate. All those in the bigger rooms in the barracks, rare it was to find someone who hadn’t lost a friend. That all six of us were still around was… well, quite unusual.’

+ 'In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war' – and 'whatever happens, you will not be missed'. +

+ Those quotes are core to 40k, and nicely highlight what a horrible time it would be to live. I wanted to humanise things a little, and who better to illustrate this with than the inhabitants of the little backwater Rainworld, Lamb's World? +

+ Over on Instagram, I've started a tag #lettersfromlambsworld. It's a busy time at the moment, so this isn't a grand project (I've enough of those ticking over!), just an invitation for you to post up a Guardsman of your own, along with a short piece of colour text framed as him or her writing home. I'd encourage a rather less bleak and grand tone as the core 40k quotes above – life becomes hard during an eternal war, but it must go on; and there's space for hope, virtue, comradeship and goodness in the small spaces around the horror of the time. +

+ If you'd like him or her to be from Lamb's World, please feel free. If not, then all other regiments are welcome, too. +


+ The first squad of the expansion is all complete, bar basing. I'll do that in one fell swoop when I've finished all twenty-five. +

+ The six new figures are shown here. Aware that my stock of Elysian models is running down, I've long included bits from other ranges, and will continue to do so with the latest Cadians. Here, for example, the melta-gunner has a chaos renegade gun and a Victoria miniatures torso. There are a couple of FW Van Saar upgrade heads, too. Little touches like this will blur the lines between the older troops and the inevitable stage when my stash of Elysian kit runs dry. + 

+ ...But that day has not yet come! Next on the bench are this half-dozen, which includes two sergeants/junior officers. The others are fairly anonymous line troopers – while it's fun to build more unusual, stand-out figures, I prefer to have some 'whispering' models so that the 'shouting' ones (literally, in this example) can stand out. +

+ Another angle on the new six. +