+ inload: Planning MMXXIII +

+ Plans for MMXXIII +

+ The galaxy-spanning levels of planning in today's inload require Primarch-like concentration... +

+ Look who found the HDR option on his pictcapter. While these pict-captures weren't taken in particularly good lighting, they're certainly a bit clearer than I've been used to getting recently! +

+ Pictured above is the 'is-he-isn't-he' False Primarch, who I had been intending to show off in a bit more detail this year – not least because I'm rather pleased with how he came out. Alas, mid-December has crept up on me and I haven't quite managed to tick Some Things Are Best Left Forgotten over into the final stage V. Rather than bungle through, then, this project will be ticking over 'til the new year, when I'll be able to tackle it with a bit more vigour and vim, and with some stockpiles of new material. +

+ Anyway, as regards +Death of a Rubricist+, with Advent ticking down, I felt it a good time to gather some thoughts and write them down – as much for reference next year as anything else +

+ Fall in, and listen up! +

+ 2022 has been an odd year, hobby-wise. I've certainly got less done than in the preceding years, but given the nature of lockdown, that's perhaps unsurprising. I suspect it's also down to so much hobby time going into writing for the War of the False Primarch – which is at least a good thing. +

+ For 2023, I'm planning to tick things over. No huge ambitious plans, but rather to chip away at existing projects and scratch a few hobby itches. A consolidation, and digging down into the cupboard of opportunity. In no particular order:

+ Xenos +

+ An expanded kill-team of Kroot – the Kindred of the Bloody Moon – represent about twenty models or so to paint. That should (and I emphasise should) be a pretty compact little project, though it's precisely that sort of thinking that means they tend to get bumped in favour of off one-offs. Let's draw a line in the sand (snow?) and say that these are top priority for the rest of the year, eh? Give me a poke here or on the Facebook group to make sure I stay on track. +

+ Alaitoc Eldar – inspired by WD138 and an opposing force for my Blood Angels, these alien lovelies have been bubbling under for a while, too. That's because they represent a rather larger ambition than most of my ongoing projects, and I'm intending these to be my major 'push' for 2023. (Look out for the finished army in late 2028 or so!) +

+ Part of what's been delaying me is uncertainty on how – and whether, and how much – to convert them to better fit the retrohammer concept; or whether simply to lean into trying to paint them as nicely as I can. +

Minor xenos – poor neglected Krell (Enslavers, pictured above), ambull and a zoat. Why, oh why have these lovely sculpts lingered half-painted for so long on my shelf? It's such a shame! It's particularly egregious because there have been so few opportunities to play any games that I might as well get stuck into some one-off painting projects. Again, these are models that I want to get finished, and soon. +


+ Imperial Guard +

+ Goodness me, doesn't the HDR setting make a difference? I never need much of an excuse to default to Imperial Guardsmen, and the #lettersfromlambsworld thingie is a great excuse to hop about a bit. After the kroot, I think I'll dip back into the Lamb's World Regiments (above) for the Bolter & Chainsword's 'Muster the Guard' challenge [+noosphericexloadlink embedded+]. There are fifteen more of these, plus a Vanquisher tank. To my shame and regret, I also have three part-built chimeras – but they're such a mental drag I'm going to kick those on and make them a problem for future-me – sometimes it's best to pick your fights. +

+ Secondly, the wonderful Ever-ready Catachan 634th are proving a bit of a passion project. I'm really enjoying lavishing each model with a bit of individuality, so I'll continue building on these. Happily, there are only fifteen or so of them, so they'll be my third priority for painting next year.+

+ More puny hu-mans: the Imperial Navy. These chaps are going to be a multi-use little group, for the War of the False Primarch, Killteam gaming and (hopefully) as part of an Antona Australis PCRC group project. They'll wait until I can get some suitable bases and the rest of the PCRC are ready. +


+ Space Marines +

+ The past couple of years has seen quite a large Space Marine presence here on the blog, and that means most of the projects are either nearing completion or not due for any large expansions. +

+ The 16th Millennial of the Emperor's Children are all but complete for the moment. They just need their markings added – a relatively quick job for an evening. +

+ The War of the False Primarch. Lots of odds and sods in various scales to polish off, and the Naval killteam above rather fit in here, too. Pleasingly, these are generally one-offs, and with so many other contributors, I think my efforts are generally best spent on keeping up with the writing, and throwing in an odd new model when I can. +

+ The Gatebreakers – they just need their Land Raider to be finished. +

+ Blood Angels 3rd Company – as near to being 'finished' as a project gets, this really leads into the Eldar above. The box arrived back from GW recently, after a year or so away, so I'll have a little look through and re-assess. +


+ Titans +

+ Titanicus! Giant robots! and sadly – shamefully – unpainted. These need some love and attention sometime soon, and I'm designating them priority 2 as these are far too cool to sit half-done. In addition, I've got the rare chance to get some local gaming in, so I've got an extra kick up the bum to get Legio Validus (the yellow ones) cranked out. +


+ I'm aiming to get a couple more inloads in before the close of the year, but in case I don't, I want to wish you all the best for the coming celebrations, and thank you most sincerely for continuing to put up with inloading this croaky old medium. Here's to MMXXIII! +


  1. I like this medium, it's far more personal to me. The effort involved in putting together posts like yours shows more love for the hobby than a social media entry.

    I don't comment often here, but I do enjoy your posts and the art and minis you show us that along with the writing to flesh out your setting really makes for an immersive experience. Please do keep the posts coming and yes, merry Christmas!

  2. It's been a great year to follow your blog! The war of the false primarch hardly needs to follow a calendar schedule. Let it unfold as feels right.


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