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Close-quarters combat. The Marines Saturnine pictured bears specialist close-in weaponry and is pictured wearing a Flesh Eaters' helm – presumably looted from the battlefield after his own was damaged. Both are identifable as Coldforge-pattern – the Forgeworld infamously supplied thousands of Corvus-pattern suits to both sides over the course of the later war.

[//Credit: paul_h/@the_midnightmare and tom_k/@ghostys_neon_rust+] 



+ Event – #warzonecoldforge +

+ You – yes, you – are invited to a new challenge event for + Some Things Are Best Left Forgotten +, a group project themed around the War of the False Primarch. If it's not on your radar yet, go check it out – it's full of wonderfully imaginative and grimly gothic models from hobbyists of all stripes, and it's chock-full of lore that'll be sure to inspire. +

+ I've been running periodic challenges (such as #Killthefalseprimarch), for the project. I'm pleased to say these have involved all sorts of wonderful hobbyists – and since the project has always been open to everyone, I'd love you to join in, too. +


+ Okay, I'm in; what next? Guidelines +

+ Welcome to the warfront, soldier +

+ Your challenge is:

  • Build and paint between one and three models from The War of the False Primarch, to illuminate one of the many battles that raged over planet Coldforge
  • Post a picture of – and any lore you've written for – your finished model(s) to:
  • Add some lore on your post – tell us about your model's name, character and accomplishments
  • Coldforge is a place of high-octane danger! Whether you choose to produce three squadmates or a duel between opposing champions, your models should be posed or arranged to emphasise the movement and conflict. 

+ Yes, you can use existing models. +

+ The challenge begins on the 11th September at 11:02am GMT, and ends on 11th October at 02:11pm GMT. +

+ The entries will be featured on the +Some Things Are Best Left Forgotten+ blog, so please do make sure to include how you want to be credited. It's also very much appreciated if the pictures you use are square in format, or slightly landscape – the example at the top is ideal. +

+ The lore below is intended as a starting point – so don't feel constrained. Creativity is king! Despite the marine-centric nature of the top level War, the background that's been developed on this Imperial civil war has huge depth, breadth and complexity, allowing you to explore the  hidden side of the Imperium from Inquisitors to the Ecclesiarchy, and the Adeptus Mechanicus to the Imperial Guard. (There are even lots of minor xenos, should you have an aversion to squishy hu-mans.) +

+ Coldforge lore +

+ The Warzone is circled above +

'Coldforge sits corewards of the Myrean League, where the False Primarch made his fastments in the later stages of the War. A Forgeworld, it was a key strategic point that changed hands multiple times, and saw the footfalls of more than ten Chapters of the warring Astartes, innumerable Imperial Guard regiments and auxilia units.'

[//Astrocartographic Notes: [REDACTED]+] 

+ Coldforge is a principal Forgeworld, covered by the typical colossal manufactories and municipal buildings you'd find anywhere in the later 41st Millennium. As the War gradually approached and then overwhelmed the region, nearly all of its manufacturing power was turned over to the in-Sector production of Space Marine Power Armour – and in particular, Coldforge-pattern Mark VI Corvus Power Armour. +

+ As a result of its key position in the conflict, Coldforge-pattern Power Armour became the single most common type of plate used by both Partisan and Pentarchy forces. +


+ Starting points and inspiration +

+ Mark VI Space Marine armour? Sounds almost like the new Horus Heresy Space Marine releases would be ideal... If you picked up the boxed set, but haven't yet got any paint down, then why not put a couple aside for the project? 

Innocence proves nothing +

+ You can build and paint your entry to represent any of the Partisan or Pentarchy Chapters. Below are links to the relevant Index Astartes, so you can find the colour schemes, logos and background – and generally froth about these Chapters, long hidden from history.

+ Of course, it's not all about Space Marines. Coldforge saw many, many other forces, from Imperial Guard, Imperial Navy, Ecclesiarchy, Skitarii, Inquisition, assassins – even civilians and militia... The civil war encompassed almost all elements of the Imperium. +

The Partisans – followers of the False Primarch

The Pentarchy of Blood



[//Sapper elements of the Void Barons strike force move to engage Pentarchy forces during a Partisan raid+]

[//Tactical Squad Vengaarl, Combat Squad I, 3rd Battle Company+]

[//Boarding action; Fourth Sataba+]

[//Members of the Jade Talons' 2nd Kyndred+]

[//Kill Team Brolo – note the carbon-black compound honour-stave markings; each recording an action within the past galactic-standard year. The fighting during the Sorrowful Years was both high-intensity and frequent+]

[//Silver Stars enter the Furnace Square of Lode Principal 010 during the First Invasion of Coldforge+]
[//Credit: christoph_t/@farnessbeta+]

[//Space Sharks Combat Squad in camouflage variant armour+]

[//2nd Lieutenant Lashynn Akhmet-Kwok, 2nd Company, Red Fish Chapter. Lashynn is a Companion of the Black Wurm; having been gifted a rare Volkite weapon upon his ascension. His membership is obviosut from the scorching of his right gauntlet. He also wears the blessed hydrogen orbital around his chapter symbol, a token of the Sons' high regard+]


'Whilst the Iron Guard's gunmetal armour suits its dour heritage, it is often surprising to outsiders that battle-brothers also adorn their armour with colourful heraldry and markings. This tradition harks back to the chapter's now-destroyed homeworld and the ritualistic adoption of neophytes into one of the historic clans.'
[//Tactica Imperialis: Partisan Identification+]

[//████████ Ke Alaula+]


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