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+ Another annual cycle – and time for me to say thanks again for reading this little noospheric node. Long-form blogs have been on the wane as people pick up podcasts and videos or switch over to social media, but I think there's always going to be a little place for some longer or more considered reading. + 

+ With that in mind, I hope you'll keep the autodial attuned to this signal, and send back a pip in the commentary exload form at the bottom occasionally – it's always much appreciated. +





+ Cycles +

+ In the exploratory and discursive spirit of the blog, let's crash on into the new year. Hobbying, as for many over Christmas and New Year, has been scanty, but the year did kick off with an awesome game. My brother and nephew popped over for a scrap, so I set up the boards and was treated to a fantastic looking match between Waa-Zodwort and the forces of the Ultramarines. +

+ I had intended to do a proper battle report, but sadly had my hands full doing rules-running, so you'll have to make do with a few hasty notes! +

+ Always a big fan of scratch-building and creative junk modelling, he also brought along some great barricades, including these pallets and barrels, which we mixed and matched with my scenery. The mission was a variation on The Raid, with three mysterious archeotech droids (played by tinboyz) the object of interest – ork mek Ghibtsun wanting to use the droids to stage gladiatorial combats between the tribe and the ancient silver droid corpses that dot the surface of the planet, Wintermute. Conversely, Captain Jansen of the Ultramarines needed to capture them to study – and destroy. +

+ Seeing these gits back on the table was a real treat for me, and brought back lots of cool memories. The warboss with spiked helmet here is Zodwort himself, accompanied by his retinue of oddboyz, and Jippy the squig. +

+ Much of Waa-Zodwort dates back to when we'd play orks vs. guard in the early nineties – and I'm pleased to see that Aliss Koopa here has finally allowed the rest of his band to get painted up in a classic vibrant scheme. +

+ These mobs of grots and boyz show some of the variety on display; and I think go to show that orks – perhaps more than any other army – just look better and better the older and wider the range of models you use. +

+ To give an epic flavour to proceedings, we added thirty of my orks [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+] and two squads of my own Ultramarines [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+] – I always feel games are improved by having more 'basic dudes'; firstly because it looks good, and secondly it gives your super-killy tanks and heroes/villains some mooks to mulch through. +

+ Note my nephew's awesome Land Raider – scratchbuilt from cork and with some really creative use of bits – the forward vision slit is from the most recent Space Hulk – it's a door base. +

+ Waa-ork! Goffs iz best! The lads bundle forward towards the beekees. I'm hoping my brother with do a guestinload at some point, so we can get some better shots of his brilliant conversions and scratchbuilds, like the Bonebreaka in the full table image, and the Lungbursta here. +

+ Orks that survive the Ultramarines hail of fire hunker down behind some crates, counting on the kans clanking and stomping up the avenue to break the deadlock. +

+ But the Ultramarines hold firm! The game finished with the ork horde heavily thinned out and the Ultramarines all but untouched – but nevertheless the mission-critical targets were still split. +

+ Again, a great way to start the new year, and a delight to host. +


+ The Augustine Crusade +

+ After a fallow period over Christmas, I'm ramping back up with this. If you missed the overview of the Ynwirm Campaign going up over the break, here's the link: [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+] +

+ Enthusiasm is high, and I've got some exciting bits from the inimitable Victoria Miniatures to buoy me along. +

+ Happy annual cycle, and best wishes for your hobby. +


  1. I love the scratch built tanks, and the variety of Ork models! Also a fan of including basic troops on both sides of the battle so cooler units can show off. I'm going to try that in my own games.

  2. Sterling looking game, Sir. Plus, I share your thoughts on blogging and the current level of engagement people have with it. This place is great for long form posts and reading, and long may it continue! A good blog is something that engages with the reader. I'm not entirely sure what the longevity of Instragram and such postings are - possibly as I don't really use it - for future access and depth of reading?

  3. Hmmm, tasty. The conversions are clever and the whole game looks ace!

  4. Great stuff. And, the blog is the best form of content but given the time it takes to do a decent post it is understandable that people mainly use Instagram of facebook (though twitter is better imo it seems to have less of a hobby community).

  5. It was a fun afternoon, thanks for hosting. Always enjoyed the modelling more than gaming but it was a great battle.


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