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+ Ten Years of the Praetors of Calth +

+ It's been quiet here on Death of a Rubricist, hasn't it? Well, don't worry, there's been stuff pickling away behind the scenes. (Not too much, as it's also been jolly hot). First off, a bit of a celebration. +

+ June 2nd 2018 marked the tenth anniversary – or Mark 5,256,000, to use the Ultramarines' method of record-keeping – of my pre-heresy Ultramarines blog starting [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+] on the Warseer forum, which seemed like a nice excuse to add some new bits and bobs. With 866,236 views, it was – and perhaps still is – the most viewed project on the forum, and undoubtedly the most successful of my projects. +

+ Way back in 2008, the blog began:
A time of hidden conflict and secret warfare; when battle-lines were drawn and re-drawn between brother and brother. This is a record of those times, set forth by autolocutor Apologist. 
The ancient and crumbling Apocrypha of Davio, a relic of the Second Founding, lists eight successor Chapters to the Thirteenth Legion. 
The later Apocrypha of Skaros states there were twenty-three successors to the Ultramarines, but does not list them all... 
Herein lies the tale of the brethren of the Praetors of Calth. 
+ Largely inspired by Dan Abnett's seminal Horus Rising, the earliest models predate even that, being refugees from my converted Adeptus Mechanicus army. It's seen the construction of over one hundred Astartes; each converted using gradually developing truescale, sculpting and painting techniques, and accompanied by their own background. Some models have been repainted, re-purposed, re-armed or repaired. Not one, but two iterations of Roboute Guilliman have led it into battle. The army has survived being (briefly!) stolen after someone broke into my car and subsequently abandoned over the street. It has been rebased twice. It has been involved in countless battles on the tabletops of the far future. +

+ Most of all, I've benefitted from the expertise and encouragement of hundreds of fellow hobbyists, so I really regard it very much as much theirs (and yours) as I do mine. +


+ Theoretical: Gaming plans +

Lieutenant Holion makes landfall on Akkar
+ To celebrate, I'll be taking the Praetors out to the Jungles of Akkar event in Southampton (Hampshire, UK) on October 10th–11th. Run by 30k Frontier [+noosphericexloadlink embedded+], I've heard great stuff about this group's events, and am really looking forward to it. At the time of writing, there are tickets still available, so if anyone fancies meeting up for a beer (and possibly a game), let me know. +

+ Practical +

+ Of course, It wouldn't be me if I hadn't immediately decided to build something superfluous to take in place of the already-built and painted parts of the army. I've got the following on the bench; some of which are brand new; others of which have been patiently awaiting paint for upwards of three years(!):

+ Tactical Support squad with volkite calivers +

+ Jetbike squadron +


  1. Whoa! Ten years! I think I can remember when you started your thread in Warseer...shocking

  2. Your project outlived Warseer!

    Congratulations on keeping the fire going this long.


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