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+ Aldebaran 4th/5th Lifeguards +

An exceptionally cosmopolitan world in the Port Cassian system of Segmentum Ultima, inhabitants of Aldebaran can occasionally be found across the Segmentum (indeed, even beyond) owing to the system's proximity to the Hyperion Warp Corridor, a stable warp route from the rim to the galactic heart.

Their culture one of relative open-mindedness and rationality, its soldiers and naval crew are known for their discipline and dignified deportment, while their officers are admired for their creative and pragmatic approach to challenges. Neither lacking nor notable for ferocity or martial prowess, their peculiar qualities make them particularly adaptable, and much in demand as garrison or bodyguard troops.

Soldiers of the 4th Aldebaran Infantry, the 'Cornflowers', on deployment.
The uncertainty during the period of the Nova Terra Interregnum, following the secession of Segmentum Pacificus, saw demand for off-planetary forces increase. Some Imperial Commanders sought to protect their world; others merely to bolster their power base. The regiments of Aldebaran had never been in such demand.

Of course, not all found themselves on the right side of history. The tale of the 4th/5th Regiment of Foot, – a combined force made up of recruits intended for, but diverted from, the hard-pressed 'Cornflowers' and 'Wingers' regiments fighting nearby – seconded to the distant rimworld of Vanguard, is a cautionary example of how the righteous and faithful can find themselves damned; through no fault of their own...


+ Getting around to it +

+ It's important for me that my hobby isn't another job; but it's nice to have a goal to paint towards. The PCRC are heading out to the distant Bristol Segmentum in October, to take part in the Bristol Vanguard's Spoils of War gaming weekend [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+] +

+ The storyline is themed around an approaching hivefleet, so the PCRC are all taking Tyranids, genestealers and similar gribbly beasties, to fit in with the story. Not owning a Tyranid or Genestealer army myself, the nearest I could come up with is a corrupted PDF force – so I dug out a force that has sat on the backburner for far too long, and restarted my Steel Legion force. +

+ The scheme's pretty simple and quick – grey primer, Charadon granite equipment, Calth brown fatigues, an overall wash of Agrax Earthshade, then building up the overcoat with white before detailing. +

+ With six squads to do, I finally set to last night, burning through the remnants of the first squad (see above), and starting the next. +

 + The army as a whole – or at least the infantry. I'll be adding some ogryns to this, along with a small detachment of genestealers. +


  1. Nice human feel about them.
    Reminds me of my own backside project of some human guardsmen to contrast the ever present Superhumans.

    1. Yeah, the metal sculpts had some real character to them. I think marines and other armoured models suit multi-part plastic, while Guardsmen benefit from the natural variance produced by hand-sculpting.

      It's funny; I think of myself as a Guard player first and foremost, but barring a couple of one-offs, these are the first guardsmen I've painted in ages.

    2. One part /monopose models also have the advantage that you can sculpt 'heft'into the model in a way that doesn't always come across in modular kits.

      I really like the guard scheme. Looks crisp and sharp, obviously modern/futuristic on a retro styled model works great.

      The sharp dressed officer is also a nice touch that adds humanity to the group via contrast.

  2. Lovely work as usual - have become more nostalgic about my Guard force; enjoying this collection and down played paintwork :)

    1. Cheers – hopefully the jump packs will give you a boost (no pun intended!)

    2. Hah! Thank you man - shall report in soon!

  3. Those are spectacular - Nicely done!


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