+ inload: Betrayal at Calth Word Bearer roll call +

+ The Heresy train rolls on +

+ A bit more building here, and bit more painting there, and the Word Bearers are ticking along. Kurtha Sedd himself – the Dark Apostle leading the group – ended up with the initial reds applied. +

+ Kurtha Sedd, a very naughty boy +
+ The model is based on the Captain with Powerfist model released a year or so back; a kind gift from fellow PCRC inmate Lord Blood the Hungry. I've replaced the arms with Primaris bits, though kept the armament as standard for the game. +

+ This chap brandishing a combat blade went under the brush at the same time. The arms here are from Priamris Reivers, which more closely resemble the 'normal' space marine arms than Intercessors, as Reivers lack the reinforced forearm plate. +

+ The game involves a Word Bearer Dreadnought called Sor Garax, nicknamed 'The Bull'. I didn't have a Word Bearers Contemptor, but I do have this Death Guard one, originally destined for my . A few trims and a decent paint scheme should ground him as a suitably brutal-looking Sor Garax. +

+ Roll call +

+ I can never resist naming my characters; I find it a great way to explore the culture of the group. I've used a mix of Classical and Turkish names, as these were the nearest I could find to the names in GW publications. +

+ The characters are, of course, named by GW themselves. +

Dramatis Personae
  • Apostle Kurtha Sedd of the Third Hand
  • Sor Garax 'the Bull'
Mazzikim (Squad Clotho)
  • Sergeant Clotho Harphagos
  • Mugla of the Blasted Cedar – boltgun
  • Kimon of the Inscribed – boltgun
  • Coran of the Blasted Cedar – boltgun
  • Arrian the Medean – boltgun
  • Urka Madis – boltgun 
  • Bac Vorkar of the Third Hand – heavy bolter
  • Vannis Gen of the Inscribed – boltgun
  • Tantal – boltgun
  • Sart Kayi – flamer
Tiharire (Squad Lachesis)
  • Sergeant Gnosis 
  • Bract – boltgun
  • Ucmag – boltgun
  • Antimeleager – boltgun (possessed)
  • Clothan Var – boltgun
  • Harpis – boltgun
  • Dol Badab – meltagun
  • Urkis of Chaldea – boltgun
  • Oekles – boltgun
  • Kul Tygyn – missile launcher

 + Possessed +

+ Not part of the base game, but core to the Word Bearers, are those Astartes who have become possessed by daemons. The initial group, called the Gal Vorbak, were mostly wiped out in the fighting over Isstvan, but a second group called the Vakrah Jal were out and fighting during the period of Calth. +

+ It seemed likely to me some of these marines were present on Calth itself, and so it provided me with a great opportunity to include some models that have lurked untouched for some years now. +

+ I think the conversions still hold up – I like the slightly dreamlike atmosphere of the figures immediately above and below. 

+ The remainder are simpler; arm or weapon swaps from standard Forge World figures. The official Gal Vorbak miniatures are very close in size to the new standard Primaris-size marines, making them ideal for use alongside my  conversions – and helping to get the slightly rag-tag feel of the project across. +

+ Mekholta Dmalachi, Twiceborn of the Blasted Cedar +

+ Game-wise, my plan had been to fold these into the standard squads from Betrayal at Calth, using them as regular marines or sergeants, but it's just occurred to me that the base sizes might prove a problem... [SCRAPSHUNTERRORABORT] +

+ Ah well, if I end up with a bunch of painted models, it's all grist to the mill. They can always stand in for Terminators, for use in the White Dwarf mission that expanded the game. +


  1. Lots of great figures here, but I particularly like the disinterested pose and look of the lantern guy, like he was but an observer of movements of his body. I can make out most of the bitz there, but do you remember where the head is from?

  2. Looking most definitely great so far!!


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