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+ The Sins of our Brothers +

+ Misguided and treacherous? Perhaps. Either way, Word Bearers are still quite intimidating! This work-in-progress example is set alongside a standard human, and the size differential is striking. +

+ I got stuck into painting last night, and managed to work through most of the basics of one Word Bearer:

+ I've opted for a much simpler approach, building from Mephiston Red with sparing highights of Fire Dragon Bright. The real challenge I'm finding here is to differentiate the scheme from my Blood Angels. Certainly at this stage it's very similar, so I'm looking at ways to further distinguish the two schemes. I've written down a few of my thoughts below, but I'd very much appreciate any ideas or guidance you'd care to share. +

+ The geometric etchings [REF: helmet above, and shin below] are one way to create some difference, and very fun to do, so I'll likely extend that across the force. They'll also appear on the black shoulder pads. Some devotional script would be easy to add; and perhaps some candles? Quite suitably spooky for All Hallows E'en! +

+ I've made a rod for my own back by following the scheme on the front cover – though looking at it now, the red in the artwork is more of a purply claret colour. Maybe I'll try some purple glazing – or switch to a different base colour, such as the new Gal Vorbak Red rather than Mephiston Red, for future models. Shame, as I rather like the result I've got on this figure so far. +

+ The silver 'mask' in the artwork above is a point of differentiation that I've included, and the addition of the Legion and Chapter markings will go a long way to making them obviously Word Bearers. Still... not quite there yet. One thing I haven't done with my Blood Angels is heavy weathering. That's a deliberate stylistic choice to evoke the 90s-style painting, but it'd work nicely on these Word Bearers in the furious fight on Calth. +

+ The rear shot shows the conversion work to replace Sergeant Jovan's leg with the similar one from the Captain model. Note also the black-washed metal. Normally I'd use a combination of colours to avoid the 'dead' look of the metal as shown, but it's another point of differentiation from the Blood Angels. +

+ Finally, another Word Bearer figure. Note the pitted pauldron, which is again from the Sergeant Jovan model. It might seem a bit grand to chop up limited models, but in sacrificing one unique figure, I can make quite a few that benefit from being just slightly different or unusual. To me, that's a better way of using what is, at root, just another plastic figure. I think of these limited releases as seasoning – I don't want one 'heavily-salted' figure in a bland army – I'd prefer all of them to share. +


  1. I think that this figure is coming along nicely.

    Quite a lot of script and maybe a magenta glaze and you will never confuse this fellow for a Blood angel. Some more weathering of the knee and elbow pads would certainly not go amiss either.

    1. Thanks LGP. I'm currently wavering between keeping the paintjob and modifying this chap to be a Blood Angel, and repainting him in a darker scheme.

    2. I would consider doing a purple wash or the magenta glaze before repainting!

  2. Pretty nice! I like the tiny details, they truly add a lot to the mini.

    1. Cheers – and I'm really looking forward to having them done.

  3. I hesitate to write this, seeing how the paintjob on your test model is coming along so swimmingly, but he doesn't quite read as a Word Bearer to me, and I think it's on account of the red: As you yourself pointed out, the look evokes Blood Angels, and I think one possible solution to change that would be to start with Khorne Red (or another red that isn't as "red-orange" as Mephiston Red): The Word Bearers have traditionally been depicted in an ever so slightly darker red, moving towards oxblood, and I think the models would instantly read as Word Bearers if the red were tweaked to that effect -- just my two cents, though ;)

    As always, your blog continues to be one of the most inspiring places in the hobby-blogosphere! I always regret not commenting more often, but the stream of absolutely wonderful quality content is hard to stay on top of -- in any case, keep up the spectacular work!

    Oh, and one small request, if I may: Could you please enable for people to comment outside of their Blogger account (checking the option for Name/URL would already be enough), because that would just make it one step easier to drop a comment your way every now and then.

    1. Thanks for the considered thoughts and kind words – always much appreciated! I'm inclined to agree; most of the feedback I've had is that he looks more like a Blood Angel than a Word Bearer...

      Regarding comments, I've had trouble with spam in the past, but I think you're right. For the moment, I've altered the commenting options so that anyone can comment but I will need to authorise the comment – apologies for any delay.

  4. Replies
    1. Ta very much – and I have my beady eye on some Tox Troopers...

  5. I eagerly follow up your posts. But I'm not sure to have commented already. Because, usually you already tell everything in your posts...
    So, you can understand that I was worried to write a first comment that could put you down or be interpreted as negative. Luckily KrautScientist already expressed my feelings so good that I don't have anything to add. So keep up the good work :)
    I'll only say that basically the issue is that there are a lot of red liveried Chapters (as well as black) because red is such a cool color! (My bikes and cars have often been red) So the issue of the GW Heavy Metal was basically how to differentiate! Obviously there are lots of shades of red, but most people wouldn't notice. In my opinion the reddest of al all is World Eaters red, the shade of spilt blood, the Blood Angels is warmer, with nits of orange, whereas the Bearers red has more of a wine colour. But, obviously, these are just my two cents.

    Keep up with the great work and glad to know of the happy events in your private life, even if this could mean seeing your great articles less often!


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