+ inload: Brother Schirru (Ixael 6:05) +

+ inload: Brother Schirru (Ixael 6:05) +

+ As with the rest of the army, I've used the pre-described method for painting the red here [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+], though I've swapped out the mix of Vallejo vermillion and GW Mephiston Red in step 4 for Vallejo Flat Red. This is a lovely colour that is a great match for the mixes I was making at that stage; which helps to speed things up. +

Like the rest of the squad, he's got a kneepad honorific.
+ The shading was achieved with the textural approach to painting I prefer – you can read more about that here, if it's of interest [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+] +

+ Schirru is a member of Tactical II – or Squad Lazarus, Third Company 'Mano Sacra, under Lord Dahavauron, Prince of the Erelim, 3rd Strateia of the Host of Angels', to give them their full title. +

+ Schirru (pre-paint) is second from right here.+

+ I really like the contrast between their honorific and official names. I wanted the feel to be reminiscent of the pre-Codex period we see during the Horus Heresy series, where every Legion has a much more distinctive culture and way of doing things. While the Nova Terra Interregnum is going on, things are still in transition. +

+ I had an enjoyable time adding a few scratches and dinks across the armour; and added a small white teardrop beneath his eye. An honorific? A mark of penitence? Who knows? +

+ Four more remain of this squad, and then it's on to the Devastators. +

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