+ inload: Squad Furiel completed +

+ Landmarks, fatigue and enthusiasm +

+ We're not all bio-enhanced übermensch that never tire; and glanding syncro-adrenochrone is frowned upon socially. For these reasons, we sometimes need to find other ways of keeping out enthusiasm up. The first part is simple. Remember that it's a hobby. While putting effort in is worthwhile – sometimes the best part is rising to a self-imposed challenge – no-one is going to tell you off if you don't get finished. +

+ The second thing that keeps my enthusiasm high is making sure I take note of 'staging posts' – that is, giving myself a pat on the back (servo-arms are useful for this) when I get something completed; even if it's not the whole project. To put it another way, it can be disheartening to work and work and see an unfinished army. Try not to see the army; and instead see it in discrete parts. A squad, or character, or war machine are examples of 'staging posts'. +

+ Once you pass a staging post, take a little while to be pleased with your achievement. Don't crack straight on; but enjoy the fruit of your labours. +


+ [+Access Progapplication Subroutine: BLUEPETER+] +

+ In a strange coincidence, here's a staging post I prepared earlier – the two outstanding members of the first Tactical Squad in my Blood Angels army:

Brother Engel (Narieal 4:10) and Brother Lucian (Abacyel 3:12), shown on patrol. Engel is a particularly nice 'staging post', as he's named after one of the very first models I painted. He's been kept deliberately stripped-back, in homage to that model. +

+ Lucian is a bit more elaborate, with a tilt shield, variant helm (though note this keeps the same silhouette as the original inspiration), and some chequerboarding on his pauldron. +

+ 'Wotchulookinat?' +


+ The completed Wards of Furiel +

+ Polishing off the two remaining members of the second Combat Squad means that the squad is complete – hurrah! For those who've been following the project, you'll know I'm basing it on an army from WD139; so here's the originals alongside the new versions:

+ Combat Squad Raphael +
 + I have popped these up a lot, so I'm relying on your forbearance here; but these shots should finally demonstrate the line between homage and update that I've been trying to walk. The poses and details aren't identical, but are evocative of the originals. +

+ Combat Squad Mephisto – again, note the posing and details +
  • Brother Donato (Duhael 4:12)
  • Brother Malatesta (Durbael 2:17)
  • Sergeant Raphael (Furiel 8:04)
  • Brother Farnese (Shemhamphorae 1:20
  • Brother Barbarigo (Durbael 4:11)
  • Brother Lucian (Abacyel 3:12)
  • Brother El-Aster (Ambriel 1:01) 
  • Squad Leader Brother Mephisto (Rashin Rast 2:05
  • Brother Thaddeus (Saditel 4:04, called the lost)
  • Brother Engel (Narieal 4:10)

+ The staging post here is not just the sense of completion (though that's a relief!), but also the thought that I can now refight some of the games from the Battle for Armageddon campaign booklet that came with the second edition box; and which provided the names of the squads. It's a full-on nostalgia-fest. +


Suber said...

Fantastic work, I love them all.

apologist said...

Ta very much :)

AmyC said...

These are brilliant! Excellent work!

apologist said...

Cheers! Tempted to deploy your awesome Epic Praetorians to the Alien Wars?
(If inloaders haven't seen Amy's excellent blog, check it out here: http://rolltonotdie.blogspot.com)

Ratmaul said...

I really like the way you innovate the old style :D

Maurice Mickelwhite said...

Completely correct about taking a step back, lighting the briar and admiring your own work at points in the project. I work on all of my projects in this way - as sub brigades of related troops in an overall project. That way, its easy to switch out to another brigade of a project thats gotten my fancy (I have many running concurrently) or to just plough with the next sub brigade. Its easy to just see the full project and think "this is impossible, theres too much!!" :)