+ inload: The Perfidious Eldar +

+ More Blood Ange- no, wait – something else. The heading's probably given it away. +

+ A group of fay Eldar; most inscrutable of the xenos. When I saw the Van Saar models, I thought they might make a nice basis for some retro-styled Eldar to fit in with my Alien Wars project. I'll let you be the judge, but I'm pleased with how these came out. 

+ It's a relatively simple conversion; mainly consisting of trimming down the raised details on the legs. The arms were a bit more time-consuming owing to the odd multipart arrangements of Van Saar arms and guns. The heads are metal, from an Ulthwé Black Guardian kit; with the Eye of Isha trimmed away. For any future ones, I think I'd stick with plastic for ease (though I'd love to use heads from the current resin Rangers, as they're a bit pointier and more sleek). +

+ Speaking of guns; the weapons and some arms come from a few Rogue Trader-era spares I had lying around. It's surprising what a difference slightly smaller (I hesitate to say more realistically-sized) weapons have on the feel of the models. +

+ What to do, what to do.. +

+ With the itch scratched on building the models, I now need to decide how to paint them. I think I've thinned it down to the following options:
  • Paint them as Alaitoc.
    • Fits with the WD138–141 feel of my Blood Angels.
    • Nice scheme; good complement to the red Angels and green/grey orks
    • Bit slavish and predictable.
  • Use the opportunity to explore the Halator Eldar [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+]
    • More freedom
    • Moves away from the theme I've followed with the Orks and Blood Angels.
    • Explains the difference in models/scheme.
  • Explore a more obscure Craftworld.
    • Fits with the concept behind the WD138 period; where the authors picked Alaitoc precisely because it was obscure and little-explored.
+ I'd appreciate any thoughts on the matter; and any comments on the models. +


  1. Go for an obscure Craftworld!! I have a project in my "to do list" (another one) mixing Eldar and Dark Elves bits to create somekind of Craftworld still linked with the "old Eldar ways" (in fact, today they would be real "Aeldari" XD) and maybe in the M31, some Eldar still remember them and think they don´t have to leave them, just be more carefull :P

  2. These are nice! The tech vibe of the models somehow fits in, I do like them a lot. About the Craftworld, the Halator concept suits the aesthetics of what you are achieving here, but an obscure Craftworld would also be an interesting thing to see...

  3. Obscure for sure, if only because it will add more color to your world building.

    I have a number of Eldar projects sort of on the back burner, one that is contemporary plastic Guardians with Jet biker heads, and one that is a blend of Eldar/Dark Eldar/Wood Elf/High Elf/Dark Elf bitz to make raiders, so I am certainly interested in seeing how you get on with yours!

  4. Halator, or more obscure, obviously ;)
    Great minis, by the way

  5. Obscure, unless you aren't so wed to the scale mail and chainmail style of Halator Eldar you described in the Eldar analysis. That could be hard to do, for one, and difgicult to pull ofg with these conversions. What you have here are interesting Eldar models with chunky boots that look more like a high tech sci fi race and less like the space elfs that 'sing their equipment into being from the materialised dreams of their generations lost and unborn'.
    The Eldar are more interesting where they have to interact with the galaxy at large to get materials/resources (rather than floating above/beyond it all in self sustainibg craftworlds or nightmare realms) and basing these on vansaar has definitely given them a grounded quality. The weapons you chose look are like firearms and less like art sculptures , which helps.


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