+ inload: Adeptus Titanicus Reavers +

+ Reinforcements for Legio Nikator + 

+ My Sons of the Temple battlegroup are joined by two new God-Machines – Senex Codommanus, the Princeps Senioris' Titan; and Megasthenes Dura, a grumbling new-build that's still being broken in. +

Senex Codomannus
+ Codomannus will be the lead Titan of my Maniple for the simple reason that I've always favoured Reavers. Something about their design just speaks to me, and I like their status as 'the middle ones'. It's gained a second name – Senex – in order to help differentiate it from Coropedion. Making the names distinctive makes them easier to remember in-game, which adds a lot to the narrative. Much more fun to declare that 'Senex moves full power to locomotors!' than 'I'm pushing this one's reactor.' +

+ The pose is intended to be a bit more dynamic than the stock one, while remaining fairly ponderous. It was achieved simply by trimming the toes off and repositioning them. I braced the trailing leg on a spare slottabase while the glue dried, to stop it drifting downwards. +

Megasthenes Dura
Megasthenes Dura is a more straightforward build, and was constructed much more swiftly – helped in no small part by the fact I'd built all the weapons beforehand while constructing Senex Codomannus. This was to ensure the polarities of the magnets I'm using was consistent. +

+ Speaking of magnets, the Reaver's Gatling blasters work nicely as carapace mounts, don't you think? They'll certainly do while we wait for upgrade sprues etc. While I am excited to get more guns, I'm actually champing at the bit for different heads. This focal detail is something that, more than anything else, helps differentiate and personalise your models. I'm hoping against hope we get a modern interpretation of the old Reaver head variation; the slightly longer one. To this end, I've magnetised the heads of all my Titans. +


+ Size comparison +

+ Sitting alongside a third-party version, you can see quite how much bigger the new Reaver is. Even taking into account the slightly elevated pose, it's considerably taller and bulkier. I'll be keeping my old ones separate – apart from anything else, I'd like a Maniple that I can take to GW events! +

+ The painting of Coropedion stalled somewhat while I feverishly built Reavers, but I'm looking forward to coming back to it. +

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