+ inload: Constructing Tactical Dreadnought Armour part II +

+ The forges burn hot... +

+ The Terminator I started yesterday continues:

+ Dry-fitted, I think he's coming together pretty well. I've filled out the legs, raised the torso slightly (you can see the gap between legs and body now)and begun adding some additional shaping on the torso. +

+ Quite an intimidating appearance, I think you'll agree. The reason for the oddly-spaced legs also becomes a bit more apparent – compare the be-loinclothed (yeah, it's a word) chap above with the stripped-back version below. +

+ While he looks a bit odd here, the proportions match the standard-sized models better – which ties back in with what I was saying in yesterday's inload about balance between looking proportionally correct and correct in-context. In addition, on a very practical level, there's space for the pteruges. +

+ Being able to retain some elements of the standard-sized models – head, weapons and, in this instance, pteruges, is what helps sell the altered proportions, rather than simply creating a differently-scaled model. +

+ The head can be swapped out. Currently it's got a fitting suited for the more usual Space Marine head fitting, so the flat-bottomed Terminator and Cataphract pieces sit a little too low. I think I'll make a 'booster' section for these for greater versatility. +

+ Still a little crude – I don't claim to be a master of greenstuff, but practise makes perfect – the details above and below shows the shapes tightening up on the torso, and the hooped detailing on the legs. +

+ Scale shots +

+ A couple of pictures showing the Terminator next to some power-armoured marines. I had a comment that the Terminator's torso was a fraction too short – and indeed it was, so I cut at the waist and raised it a touch, which I think improves the result. It's very helpful to get these comments at the early stages; it's easy to get too close to a figure and lose the overall sense. +

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  1. Now that is a big fellow! That little bit added to his waist really helped I think.


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