+ inload: Cataphractii armour plate III +

+ Theoretical +

+ Coo, this is turning into a bit of a labour of love. Some rather unforgiving pict-captures below, but I'm broadly pleased with the detailing. The shoulder plates are not shown here, but I have smoothed those out to make them more anonymous, too. +

+ What's been done since last time? Well, a lot of minor polishing. The most obvious additions are the rivets, but there's also quite a bit of refinement in terms of detail and sharpening of edges. I'll do another pass of this to further tidy things up, and then it'll be largely finished. +

+ I've left the head as it is in order to make it as versatile as possible. In the configuration shown, any head can be added. The odd little half-heads that the plastic and resin Cataphractii use will need a little greenstuff filling, but it's much easier to fill than remove. +

+ Practical +

+ It was a pain in the [SCRAPSHUNT] to add the rivets, but they go a long way to suggesting detail. +

+ As mentioned, the turbine exhaust fans have been reinstated. I've placed them midway between the waist and the rest of the detailing in order to help the illusion of the proportions (rather than having them too near the original position, which would have make the chest look too short and the midsection too long). An arseplate has also been added. +

+ Next to Tithonus, we get a sense of the bulk and size of the Terminator. +

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