+ inload: Iron Warrior Breachers

+ Zona Mortalis operations +

+ To go along with the Iron Circle – reviewed here [+noospheric inloadlink embedded+] – I was inspired to build a group of Breachers. I'd been intending to build some for a while, as they're one of those troop choices that's both fitting for the period and the IVth Legion. +

+ Nothing hugely creative here; just the same approach as usual for me, though they are using some updated torsos with new detailing on them – I thought Mk III armour (as seen on the rightmost in the pict-cpature) would be particular fitting. +


  1. Sry to bother, but where do you get those spiky-shulderpads from?

    1. They’re from Master-Crafted Miniatures - they’re the ‘Large’ version.


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