+ inload: Ecclesiarchy and Blood Bowl +

+ Plastic Sisters of Battle +

+ Conversions, admittedly, but very simple ones. These are made from Genevieve and Eleanor, from GW's new Triumvirate of the Imperium box set. A little chopping and repositioning brings them down to earth, and I've added boltguns from the Sisters of Silence sprue. +

+ I'm more pleased with the one on the left, but I think both are pretty cool. The colour scheme is as-yet undecided, but they'll be joining the vague group below, themed around enforcers of the law and the Ecclesiarchy.

+ Blood Bowl +

+ Unrelated to the above is Piritt Silvers, my Blood Bowl blitzer. A very simple conversion that involved little more than trimming away some of the details from the new Griff Oberwald sculpt from Forge World. + 

+ Here's a scale shot next to one of the old metal team that I'll be painting soon. +

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