+ inload: 30k Battle Report: Iron Warriors vs Imperial Fists part II +

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Basilikoi and a Legion Tactical Muster of Iron Warriors advance through the gantries, taking ineffectual potshots at the Imperial Fists.

The smouldering wreck of the lead Predator causes a bottleneck to form, with infantry scattering out of the way of heavier engines of war.

Sporadic return fire from the Fists is baffled by hard armour and obscuring girders.

...all except for the unfortunate multimelta support squad, who are reduced to two men. True to the Iron Warriors' cold logic, they remain stalwart under fire.

Stoic and grim-visage, the Imperial Fist defenders reload.

Hekaton Zodios, the Leviathan Dreadnought, pushes forward, acting as a shield for his comrades. Heavy artillery fire from the graviton cannon rapiers damages both Land Raiders.

The Iron Warriors rush into cover as the Custodes close in; both parties spit fire at each other, but no casualties result.

As the damage to the Land Raiders increases, courtesy of repeated grav-blasts from the Rapiers, the Breachers deploy and advance down the narrow alleyways.

Lehtoldus himself, Praetor of the Imperial Fists Legion, and champion of this section of the wall, deploys from his personal Land Raider and moves to join the Breachers.

Eyes and hearts aglow, the Custodes weather the Iron Warriors unrelenting firepower as they close.

Both sides push for the incremental advantage necessary in Legion warfare.

The streets become clogged with smoke and bodies.

Hyperion signals the charge, and overwatch fire pours out, baffled by the precociously-advanced Custodes armour.

Letholdus and the Breachers escape the damaged Land Raiders just in time, as Hekaton Zodios comes barrelling in to destroy them with his siege drill.


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  1. Great photography, great terrain, great models - incredibly moody narrative.


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