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Hi everyone, Bob Hunk here, creator of Team Fisto and Apologist’s long time friend (and bitter tabletop enemy!). Apologist asked if I’d like to do a guest post on his blog, and I jumped at the chance. I thought I’d take the opportunity to talk about Letholdus, Praetor of the Imperial Fists, who we’ve recently seen in action during the Assault on Pradesh Novum battle report. [+noospheric inloadlink embedded+]

+ Letholdus was recruited on Terra approximately two decades into the Great Crusade. He had been elevated to the rank of sergeant by the time the VII Legion was reunited with Dorn on Inwit. By the outbreak of the Heresy he had risen even further to the exalted rank of Praetor. He remained with Dorn and the bulk of the Legion that stayed to defend the Solar System while the Retribution Fleet struck out for Istvaan. 
+ Although comparatively rare among the Imperial Fists, although not entirely unheard of, his Legion’s geneseed had some effects on Letholdus’ physiognomy. As he aged, he gained the same bone-white hair and flint-coloured eyes as his honoured Primarch. 
+ Letholdus’ ultimate fate is not known to this chronicler. That he participated in, and ultimately survived, the Siege of Terra is a matter of record, as is his role in several major engagements during the Scouring era, including the infamous Iron Cage. After that the record falls silent, and his participation, if any, in the Second Founding is not recorded. 
+ Extract from Astartes Heroes of the Horusian Rebellion, circa M33. +


My objectives in designing this model were threefold:

Firstly, I wanted to create a recognisable version of this classic captain model seen below. I’ve always been a particular fan of this model. I started playing 40K during the closing days of Rogue Trader and really got into it during the heyday of 2nd Edition. For me, this model is very evocative of that golden era of childhood gaming.

Secondly, while meeting the first objective I also wanted to modify the armour-mark of the original to match my version of MkVI ‘Corvus’ pattern armour, as used by the rest of Team Fisto.

Thirdly, I wanted to improve on my previous attempts to make an LED bionic eye. The only other model I’d attempted to give a bionic eye is a sergeant, but he had half a bionic head, so the eye is more of an almond shape ‘visor lens’ style, rather than Letholdus’ circular lens.

I’m pleased to say I feel that I met all the objectives. The sword and head were taken directly from the plastic ‘Web Exclusive Captain’ model that Games Workshop produced a few years back (itself a tribute to the original that I was trying to replicate). I considered also using the elaborate iron halo from the plastic model, but decided against it in the end as this did not feature on the original model. A refractor field is good enough for me!

Although the original model was carrying a storm-bolter, I opted for a simple Umbra-pattern bolter for my Praetor. I like my officers to carry a bit more ranged firepower than a simple pistol so that they can actually participate in the shooting phase alongside whichever squad they joined. However a combi-bolter seemed a bit much for a Praetor to be lugging around.

Painting wise, I simply followed my standard Team Fisto recipe for the yellow: Corax White undercoat, Averland Sunset base, Casandora Yellow shade, Yriel Yellow layer (I apply two watered-down coats of this layer for good coverage), Flash Gitz Yellow layer highlight, Dorn Yellow layer highlight, Lamenters Yellow glaze.

So that’s the story of how Letholdus came to be. I hope this was at least vaguely interesting. If you’d like to see more of Team Fisto, then check out the thread on the Bolter & Chainsword forum here [+noospheric inloadlink embedded+]. Now back to you, Apologist!


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+ Cheers, chum – look forward to seeing him on the field again soon... +

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