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+ King of Hands: Interrogator Yvo Anzotric +

+ While I await resupply for the Iron Warriors, I thought I'd return to my Inquisitorial project, the Court of the Sun King. This is one of Veck's more promising protégés +

He was, in many ways, the best of us. That the Catipünan World-Turners took him is an object lesson that none of us are truly safe. I pray they didn't take him alive. I have no doubt that Veck would put him down if anything of Yvo returns, but even an Inquisitor has human connections.
Don't they?

+ As you can see, he's currently headless at the moment. I have a feathery-hatted head to add, as well as a few more bits and bobs. Oddly enough, I bought this model with the plan to create Anzotric, but got sidetracked by the cool standard head – which in turn sparked the Iron Warriors project! +


+ Site redesign +

+ You might have noted that I've changed the design of Death of a Rubricist a little bit, in order to make more use of Blogger's various handy widgets and doobries. Over the next few weeks, I'll be adding labels to older inloads, which should makes things easier to find. I'd really appreciate it if you could let me know what you sort of links would be most useful to you. More general ones like 'tutorial' and 'background', or more specific ones like 'Praetors of Calth' and 'Tallowland'? +

+ Also, could you let me know if anything's gone wrong, or doesn't read properly, please? Ta! +


  1. So, I'm not sure about this, but - sometimes a load of the header fonts come out on my screen as Comic Sans. Not always, but usually (today, last week, but not the previous post). I'm using Chromium on Ubuntu (14.04LTS). Actually... checked on Firefox, there the header font is a pretty ordinary blockish sanserif font. So there's that...

    1. .... ok, now having posted that, I think all the fonts have gone to what you set them as. Very strange...


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