+ inload: The Dolor Liberation Crusade +

+ A return to Dolor +

+ The Dolor campaign was fought back in the misty days of 2003(ish); it was the first organised campaign we played as a group; prior to the formation of the PCRC [+noospheric link embedded+]. It coincided with Codex: Cityfight being released, and we ended up playing out the fate of a dismal little planet called Dolor [+noospheric link embedded+]; scrapping over the wintry streets of the capital city, Dismay. +

+ Whatever the end result of the campaign, the world fell under the influence of the Tau's Brightsword Protectorate, the blueskin's domain in our group's shared sector. We've since played a number of campaigns, and the Tau seem to have got a bit big for their boots. Ten years has passed in the real world, and in the dark future, it appears the Imperium has decided to reclaim the world...+ 

+ Strike from Starfire +

+ The Imperial force pushed in from the Starfire Sector; bypassing a great deal of the Tau's defensive lines with a sudden strike. After a decade of uneasy rule by the Protectorate, the peoples of Tau'lor now peered nervously from windows as the Imperial warmachine began to march through their cities; loudhailers announcing liberation. +

+ Armoured vehicles, whose like had not been seen in years, drove up thoroughfares still broken from the original conflict. +

+ The Lamb's Worlders has returned – the 117th determined to make up for the failures of the regiments involved in the earlier war. +

+ Jealous alien eyes marked their arrival; and moved to retaliate; keen to defend the lands and peoples who had joined their federation. +

+ High-tech xenos artifice met human mettle and courage. +

+...with (sadly for the Imperium) less than romantic results. +

+ Imperial foot troops made their way through broken rubble, keen to meet the Tau in combat. +

+ Sharp-eyed snipers traded fire with pathfinders. +

+ Alien armoured might +

+ Dutiful Fire Warriors took up position... +

+ ... and then took aim. +

+ Trading withering firepower, both sides were whittled down in storms of red las and blue pulse shots. +

+ Armoured vehicles worked in close support. +

+ Both sides' special forces made their presence felt. +

+ Auxiliaries played their role; though humans loyal to the Protectorate were kept from the front line. +


+ Addendum +

+ Dolor became part of the Antona Australis Sector [+noospheric link embedded+], which grahamgilchrist later built up into a rather fetching map – go and have a little explore through the link when you have a few minutes: there's loads of cool little story hooks for you to use. +


  1. Some lovely shots: the peeking through windows photos really bring you into the action.

  2. Very atmoshpheric photos. Does the Guard army fluff tie in with your INQ28 work?

    1. Only very vaguely. They both take place in the Antona Australis sector, and they're roughly contemporaneous, but they're not directly related. There is a similar regiment (the Blithes), who have a representative in the Court of the Sun King: http://apologentsia.blogspot.co.uk/2015/04/inload-deuce-of-beasts-every-imperial.html

  3. Your work with the PCRC on the Antona Australis Sector is incredible and so very cool. I'm really grateful that you are putting the time into recording your stories and that you've figured out a way to do so with available technology. Your work continues to inspire and delight me, and I suspect many others as well.

  4. Great to see the Lambs Worlders back again.

    Lovely scenery.


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