+ inload: Phalangite Ërnach Koinos +

+ Ërnach Koinos of the Iron Warriors 242nd +

+ During the battles of the Horus Heresy, Hyoidites (communications specialists) of the Iron Warriors were assisted by a Second. These individuals were non-specialist Phalangites, who had received no additional training. Their role was to record transmissions and relays, serving as a back-up in case of the Hyoidite's injury or death. +

+ This pict-capture shows Koinos bearing a farscope, forearm-mounted calculatrix-apparatus and a head-borne occulix. These were used for arithmagick and info-loading; creating raw data for the Hyoidite to utilise and transmit to command. While non-specialist, such seconds were still Astartes, and would have received communications and command/control training. Often such individuals were being groomed for further training; but such was the Iron Warriors' instinctive proclivity for mathematical talents, there was never a shortage. +

+ Many, like Koinos, bore equipment on behalf of the Hyoidite. This served the dual purpose of unburdening the Hyoidite, and giving him a responsive and mobile scout from which to refer. Rather more grimly , this made the specialists harder to pick out, at the expense of the Phalangite second. +

+ The Phalangite has removed his helm. The pict-capture might be thought to show him in a non-combat situation, but close inspection shows the popped rivets on the Mark III helm's reinforcing 'brow'. Perhaps damage has rendered the autosenses unusable. Fortunately for our purposes, this reveals the underhelm. Commonly formed synthseal like the rest of the undersuit from post-Terran Mark II onwards, earlier versions designed for fighting in the opening years of Unification were made from pseudo-leather – or even stuffed horsehair in some archaic examples from Thunder Armour suits. +

+ The underhelm is a common but optional part of the flexible bodyglove an Astartes soldier wears beneath his plate. It provides comfort, a small measure of additional protection, and helps to clamp corpo-cables in place, speeding up integration with the plate. In later marks of armour, the armour cables are drawn into the ports on the Astartes' head and spine as the underhelm is slips over the head. This allows greater Communion with the armour by projecting the armour's runic display on the wearer's retina, giving them aid in the visual fields. This is referred to as 'bringing up the armour's hood'; a term believed to have ritual significance for those instructed in technomancy by the adepts of Mars. +

+ This image highlights another of the non-standard elements of Koinos' battledress: the heavy segmented section of armour between the legs. This was more commonly seen worn by artillery crew and engineers, where the 'apron' helped protect bystanders from accidental detonation or shrapnel during mine clearance. It also lowered the Astartes' centre-of-gravity for additional stability – which is likely why it is used by Koinos here. +

+ The amount of equipment borne by Koinos begins to make sense here, as the vox-comms unit integrated into his backpack reveals he is also operating as the unit's signalman. It is unusual for him to be performing both roles, and this is likely owing to battlefield circumstances. Perhaps his armour's machine spirit integrates particularly well, or perhaps he is simply precociously capable? The answer will likely never be known, as Koinos was decapitated by an Imperial Fist mine during the closing stages of the Siege. +

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