+ inload: The Mysterious Craftworld of Gold +

+ The PCRC (my gaming group, or 'friends' as M2 humans call it) has collectively been musing about small-scale, multiple rule system gaming set in the Antona Australis system

+ This inload is a few tentative steps in producing some ways of generating warbands, using the Realm of Chaos systems as their inspiration and starting point. They're far from final or balanced, so I'd happily welcome any input or thoughts. +

+ Overview +

+ The Antona Australis system is pretty extensive. We've been building it for the best part of ten years, and it covers everything from Imperial domains to minor warpstorms, taking in desperate battles, mysterious minor xenos and terrifying villains along the way. As a result, it would be almost impossible to chart everything, so as a starting point, I'll be concentrating on the sinister appearance of the An-Angau Craftworld, which is emerging from the almost uncharted Boten Cloud Nebula.

+ The An-Angau Craftworld has drawn the attention of warbands, looters and investigators of every stripe. Eventually, I'd like to develop custom systems that allow anyone to generate a group from almost any species or faction, that can then be used in various gaming systems. 

+ Obviously this is – like the warbands in the original Realm of Chaos – going to be far from even or balanced, but I like to think this is a feature, not a bug. These warbands are intended to be used in narrative gaming, so almost inevitably they're going to require people using them to discuss and patch over any problems. Luckily, we're all grown-ups, so onto the fun stuff! +

+ Initial factions +

+ Where better to start than with factions that PCRC members have expressed an interest in? These are (in no particular order):
  • Inquisitorial investogators
  • Harlequin troupes
  • Chaos warbands
+ Chaos warbands are a fairly obvious place to start, as most of the basic structure will follow the Realm of Chaos rules, with the addition of a couple of tables to allow the option of your Champion or followers to turn up from some of the many worlds (and other locations) in the Antona Australis sector. +

+ Inquisitorial investigators will use Ordos (Xenos, Chronos etc.) and philosophies (Monodominant, Thorian, Polypsykana etc.) in place of the Dread Pantheon; and rather than Gifts and Attributes will receive Favours to call in and unavoidable Compromises... +

+ Harlequin troupes – the flavour of the month! – will follow Cegorach, the Great Harlequin, and receive beneficial Mysteries of the Black Library (don't return them late) and negative Caprices of the Laughing God. +

+ There's the starting point. Next post will start some practical stuff. Love to hear any thoughts. +

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