+ inload: Truescale Salamander +

+ inload: Sjorisar, he-that-is-called Temesgen +

And just as it was recited in the Woeful times, the same was told in the time of Stone. And just as in the time of Stone, it was told that just as what had once been eighteen would become divided in seven portions; one each for the cities of the Land. And the ram would be split into seven portions likewise, one each for the cities of the Land.

And the portions of the ram would be transformed into the spirits of fire. And the spirits of fire were giants. And the the giants were known then as Salamanders.
– Folk-myth of the Acerbian sea-gypsies –

'The XVIII Legion Astartes. Ah, what can be said of the sons of Nocturne? Humility. Nobility. Dignity. These three – perhaps alone amongst the Astartes – are the virtues of the Salamanders. And yet... what man could come to admire such devilish faces, such flashing eyes, such burning wrath?

Yes, better they become a warning. Better they become the devils in the dark.'

+ inload decrypt: Non-standard occulobe endemic in VI, VIII, XVIII genesperm.
+ Intergration: Terran-descent 3%; Fenrisian 40%, Nostroman 41%, Nocturean 98%* [*failure of synth-join equatable to Legion rejection].
+ Analysis: additional tapetum lucida layer provoked; low-light vision improved substantially. Successful infra-vision uptake in all successful integration. Thickened layer reflects carmine eyeshine; substantially pronounced in specimens showing melanchromic reaction.
+ Additional: Nostroman and Fenrisian phenotype shows high integration, but low pheomelanin reaction reduces effacity and visual effects – consider failure/altering recrutiment?. Specimens exposed to Nocturnean spore photoproduct endemic to recruitment planet show semi-permanent cyclobutane pyrimidine dimer formation; <spec.> a result of selection pressures on local population? </spec> Formation is exacerbated by non-standard melanchrome of Legion XVIII; and inhibited to nil by that of Legion VIII. Breakdown of melanin chains can take upwards of two decades <spec. based on initial suggested trends> removal from spores.
+ Action: None necessary: psychological impact on hostile human populations substantially improves Compliance projections. Non-standard melanchrome renders XVIII Legion specimens virtually immune to low-level visual radiation damage. Casualty ratings substantially (ca. 3% lower vs. rad-phage weaponry) lowered; recovery ratings (ca. 17% faster) than comparable Legio VI/VIII specimens; lower only than X and XIV (both ~5/15% ~19% respectively).


Remember Sjorisar! Hold him high in esteem! Pillar of Terra, strength of the Emperor, eye-seeker of reknown.

Remember Sjorisar! As we bathe in fire; as we blacken and smoulder; remember Sjorisar!

Sjorisar Spear-caster! His name be remembered for ten thousand lifetimes even as we burn it away.

Stand forth, Sjorisar Spear-caster. Divest yourself, step forward in the baptismal flames.

Gone is Sjorisar! Remember Sjorisar!

Stand forth, Temesgen! Stand forth fire-borne! Hail Temesgen! He-that-was-another-and-is-now-Temesgen everafter!

Hail Temesgen of Themis! 

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