+ inload: The Marian Reforms +

+ Marius Gage, First Chapter Master of the Ultramarines, is complete. Phew! +

+ With his power sword warily lit, Gage is pictured holding aloft the laurels of victory. +

+ There's a lot of fine filigree and layered detail on the figure. That made him fun to paint, and quite a challenge to get the colours balanced. I wanted to make sure he remained mainly blue, but there's quite a few additional colours: gold and white secondaries, along with red and silver accents. Fortunately, some nice neutral greys worked well for the frogging and leather strapping. +

+ The Ultramarine legion symbol on his left knee can be seen here. I mentioned this in an earlier inloadpost about building him – the detail here is mainly carved from existing detail on the base figure. This helps to make sure it blends in effectively. +

+ The back view shows a purity seal (or as I like to think of them at this point, meditation notes) and the studded reinforced plate on the back of his left shoulder. With fewer details, the blue is clearer to see here, and I think it shows the shape of the pose well. +

Getting a natural and interesting pose can be a challenge with Terminators, as having them too dynamic takes away from the impression of weight and power. Equally, too far the other way makes them look stiff and artificial. Hopefully I've struck a balance that the buyer's happy with. This shot also shows the strongest colours in the red eye lenses and the blue power field in the sword's blood channel – these focal points lead the eye across the figure in a diagonal, from eyes to sword to upraised wreath. +


Detodosesale said...

You actually modelled a friend of him, Captain Mersaror. Gage wears power armour, not termi. Very nice miniature though.

Unknown said...

Captain Mersaror is a badass character, and this is an amazing miniature you've built. What bitz did you use for his mask?

Unknown said...

How did you make the helmet?

apologist said...

It's a Sanguinary Guard mask. I trimmed away the halo and brow furrows, then used green stuff to add eyes and reinstate a Byzantine-themed flatter forehead.