+ inload: Ferlinghetti and Mercurial, plus matters of a sleety nature +

Ferlinghetti and Mercurial. A curious pair, for whom the saying 'knowledge is power' is most appropriate. +

+ A pair of WIP figures, these have sat on my desk awaiting a spare moment on inspiration for a fair while. Not quite sure what they'll be – sometimes it's nice to keep things open and just let inspiration flow while you're painting. In all likelihood, they'll end up being multi-use – as figures to accompany Inquisitor Unfortunus Veck, as background serfs for the Ultramarines, and perhaps even as part of the Vessel of Ages project I thought up...

+ Ferlinghetti's name popped up from a fever-dream involving the eponymous Beat poet reciting a half-remembered science textbook from my school days. Something distinctly oldhammery about that inspiration, I feel! He's a lightly-converted scribe from GW's sadly-OOP Inquisitorial range, some of my very favourite figures. That's because they combined the indefinable character of RT-era single piece metal sculpts with the technical advantages of late metal manufacture. A greenstuff hood, plastic earpiece(?) from a vox-caster and a breathmask/augmetic gill give him a subtly different feel to the original. +

+ Mercurial, the astropath on the right, is an unmodified sculpt from the fairly recent GW Imperial Guard range. I've used the traditional green robe of the Adeptus Telepathica, but kept the hue muted. +

+ Both will likely end up with snow bases, though probably slightly more elaborate than those shown. I've been a bit underwhelmed with my basing, and think it would benefit from a bit more forethought and attention. +

+ Speaking of basing +

+ The Iron Sleet chaps have a new invitational on the go that revolves around basing. I've been mulling the idea over as I'd love to get involved. My upcoming nuptials mean I'll be away from the painting bureau for a significant proportion of the time, but I thought I'd give it a pop, as in a worst-case-scenario my models will be a bit late. Not the end of the world!

+ So, with that in mind, I'm off to find some bases... Thanks for organising things, chaps. +

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