+ inload: Inquisitorial Investigators I +

+ [See inload 117 for background on this project] +

+ Using the The Road to Power system from Slaves to Darkness as the basis, let's create an Inquisitor. I'd like to take a moment to say that this was very much inspired by Orylgg's (of the blog Realm of Chaos 80s fame) tweaks to the Realm of Chaos warband creation for an Oldhammer event. Ta!

+ First off, the Starting Profile. This will be your Inquisitor; so for every entry of 'Chaos champion', replace the term 'Inquisitor'. Unlike Fantasy Chaos warbands, all Inquisitors are human. Almost certainly, they'll be baseline human, but I'd like to introduce the (low) possibility of certain sanctioned abhumans from the Sector. After all, Inquisitors are, by necessity, exceptional; and this should offer some cool narrative possibilities. 

+ Notes: 
  • I've suggested some modern day profiles to use as starting points for statistics, but the minuteae will need to be looked into in more detail later. Alternatively, you can use the nearest equivalent in the RoC books; as this'll ensure the 'main characters' are suitably bad-ass compared to the mooks!
  • 'Why not use the Renegades table, from later in the book?' That was a consideration, but I think that includes slightly too much emphasis on non-humans, and the Inquisitor is already going to be more complicated by the addition of Ordos.

+ 1: Inquisitorial starting profile +

+ 1.1: At this point the profile represents a character who has newly-arrived in the sector, or who has recently entered service in the Inquisition. Roll twice on the table below. The first roll determines the race of the new Inquisitor [with the Antona Australis sector's population in mind]; the second his/her starting profile [well, at least it will at some point]. 
+ Note As in Orlygg's blog post, feel free to just pick as level 10 or 15 hero/psyker instead of rolling.

+ 1.2: Psychic powers should be generated at this point. 
  • This is complex, as the systems are very different. I'd suggest that Level 5–10 are equivalent to a Mastery Level 1 psyker, 15–20 a ML2 psyker, and 25 a ML3 psyker. 
  • Higher levels still apply, so while both level 5 and 10 will generate one power die etc., the level 10 will count as a higher ML for purposes of nullifying the level 5, for example.
  • Table needed for psychic discipline?

  • 1–90: Human
  • 91–95: Squat
  • 96–00: Other abhuman


  • 1–35: Human (Imperial Guardsman)
  • 36–50: Human 5 hero (Imperial stormtrooper)
  • 51–60: Human 20 hero (Imperial sergeant)
  • 61–65: Human 15 hero (Imperial junior officer)
  • 66–67: Human 20 hero (Imperial senior officer)
  • 68: Human 25 hero (Stormtrooper senior officer?) 
  • 69–83: Human 5 psyker 
  • 84–93: Human 20 psyker 
  • 94–98: Human 15 psyker 
  • 99: Human 20 psyker 
  • 00: Human 25 psyker 

Squat [based on Chaos Dwarf table]

  • 1–35: Squat
  • 36–50: Squat 5 hero
  • 51–55: Squat 20 hero
  • 56–60: Squat 15 hero
  • 61–62: Squat 20 hero
  • 63: Squat 25 hero
  • 64–78: Squat 5 psyker 
  • 79–88: Squat 20 psyker 
  • 89–93: Squat 15 psyker 
  • 94–98: Squat 20 psyker 
  • 99–00: Squat 25 psyker 

Other abhuman

  • 1–40: Ratling (Ratling)
  • 41–60: Beastman (ork boy stats?)
  • 61–80: Pelager (human stats; move through cover if water terrain)
  • 81–90: Neandor (ork boy stats?)
  • 91–00: Longshank (guardsman stats?)

+ 2: 'An Exceptional Individual' +

+ Equivalent to the Mark of the Gods step, this is where you generate your Inquisitor's Ordo. As with a renegade's choice of Chaos deity, you can choose your Ordo, or randomise it. 

+ 2.1: Ordo affiliation

1–25: Ordo Malleus
26–50: Ordo Xenos
51–75: Ordo Hereticus
76–00: Ordo Minoris

+ Note: Strictly speaking, the Ordo Minoris is a group of other Ordos, but that would require writing literally dozens more tables; so they're added here as a group. I may develop this a bit further in future.
+ The Inquisitor also receives his first Favour and first Compromise at this point; to represent what they've done (or endured) to receive the Inquisitorial Rosette. Receiving lots of Favours will keep him on the path of righteousness; while too many Compromises will lead him toward radicalism. 

+ 2.2: Ordo Favour

+ Unlike the Chaos gods, the Ordo of the Inquisition grant no physical alterations to the new Inquisitor. Instead, you receive an Inquisitorial Rosette as your first favour, regardless of Ordo affiliation.

+ 3: Inquisitorial Investigation +

+ These represent the watchful eyes of powerful individuals within and without the Ordo or from the shadowy Inquisition at large

+ Inquisitorial Investigations are divided into two broad categories: Favours and Compromises.

+ Compromises are always penalties of one sort or another, while Favours can include esoteric equipment, new followers, or other other form of support
Although the effects of some Favours are similar to those of Compromises, they are still Favours. It is important to keep track of how many Compromises and Favours an Inquisitor has received, as they can have a bearing on his ultimate fate.

+ An Inquisitor can also gain followers of various kinds, either as a
direct Favour from his Ordo or from the ranks of those who also serve the Inquisition

+ You might think of Favours as equivalent to Chaos Gifts, and Compromises as equivalent to Chaos Attributes, though they are slightly different. +
+ Note: All Inquisitors start out as 'Puritans'. This is a little different to Chaos warbands, as there's no equivalent to becoming a Daemon Prince – you might be sainted, but this doesn't grant you any special power. After all, the darkness of the far future is a very grim place! On the other hand, Radicalism will eventually steer you into becoming a Chaos champion rather than a Spawn, so the downsides are less (immediately) fatal. So, slightly different, but I think that's fitting. +


    1. Very interesting! I will certainly be following this with interest.

      I started such a project a while back, which starts here and then spirals out of control here

    2. You know I'm always a big fan of all things Inquisitorial - I am keen to see where you go with this!


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